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Subspecies idea, Rotten Scourge Nergigante

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Subspecies idea, Rotten Scourge Nergigante

((Flaired as spoiler because it might include some spoilers for the storyline, and I don't think you can add more than one flair. I'm on mobile, and English is not my first language, so I hope this post isn't too bad.))

I was watching a video by the channel Ragegamingvideos, specifically the one about Vaal Hazak Vs Nergigante, and it got me thinking, specifically about the Effluvium and it interacting with Nergigante. ((Also about how Vaal Hazak might interact with the Recess crystals as they're crystallized Effluvium if I remember correctly, that might be another subspecies idea)).

To start it off, from what I remember, Effluvium is formed from rotten elder dragons, and from what I see on creatures affected by effluvium, it seems to act very much like causing them to rot away while they still live. I'll be using these assumptions for the subspecies, although they're not necessary. I'll also assume Nergigante has a powerful healing ability, just like in the video, because it makes sense, and to bring some extra evidence to this, it would likely cause injury to Nergigante to constantly regrow the spikes otherwise, as we don't see remaining bases for said spikes, giving me the impression that they actually grow from inside of his body. Of course this is entirely me assuming, and several of these might just be based of off gameplay that doesn't actually fit in the lore, as I'm not that well known with MH lore.

Onto the subspecies itself after way too much text, Rotten Scourge Nergigante would come into existence due to a Nergigante heading into the Rotten Vale, and encountering Vaal Hazak. Though it would either kill the Vaal, or force it to retreat, the effluvium would affect him pretty badly due to proximity to and effluvium attacks from Vaal. This would cause it to start rotting, while the healing kept the effluvium from killing it, causing it to essentially generate effluvium and form a coat of it, as the stuff partially or even fully blinds it by eating away at the eyes, causes the wings to constantly break and repair, severely weakening it's ability to fly, eventually also going inside of Nergigante, and filling up the lungs, digestive system, forcing itself into the blood. It would start to gain far less nutrition from what it ate, causing it to frenzy and start eating any food it could. It would start choking when the buildup in the lungs became too much, causing Nergi to inhale and exhale part of it in a massive, unfocused blast. The spikes would be more fragile, and would be shot out far faster, as the Effluvium coated and began to eat away at those too, maybe even causing them to shoot out unintentionally sometimes. The Nergigante would be in a constant frenzy, unable to think clearly, just constantly seeking out food as the effluvium kept reducing the amount of nutrition it got, and would barely be able to think of anything else.


Appearance wise, you'd have a Nergigante that looked like a corpse that had just started rotting, coated in effluvium, and with a cloud of it constantly around it. It would appear like it was starving. Spikes would look like they were also covered by effluvium, and would almost instantly begin to rot away. Instead of turning black and hardening, they'd actually weaken more and more as the effluvium ate away at them. If spikes were broken or absent, the area where they grow would be even more rotten than the rest of it's body. It's horns would be unevenly sized, also partially gone, and at least one eye would be completely destroyed. Wounds would have Effluvium coming out of them, when the tail is cut off it would cause a permanent trail of effluvium to come out. When enraged, the Nergi would have Effluvium blasting off the body and out of wounds with almost every move, as the adrenaline caused it's blood to pump. While exhausted, the effluvium coat would become much thicker, and so would the Effluvium in the air that surrounded it as the weaker movements caused it to stick around more easily.

In a battle, it would be far more mindlessly aggressive, constantly pushing itself to attack more and more. It would lose some defense and attack, but move far more erratically while also constantly harming those nearby due to the effluvium. It would leave a short lived trail of effluvium when it moved, and the attacks where it flies shortly would have it fall in a general but harder to predict direction rather than target a specific hunter. It's spikes would do far less damage, but would cause Effluvium buildup and make small clouds of effluvium for a short bit. They would break far more easily, especially if they lasted longer, but breaking them with attacks would no longer affect Nergigante nearly as much, only staggering it out of a current attack rather than tripping it, and also not staggering it if it was moving or standing still. Some attacks would shoot out a few spikes despite those spikes not being a part of the attack. It would gain an attack where it inhaled and then exhaled the Effluvium from it's lungs in a very powerful but unfocused blast in front of it. When enraged, it would leave behind more effluvium that lasts slightly longer, but it would also have a weaker cloud around itself, and would inflict less buildup with attacks. It would also begin to attack somewhat more efficiently, as the adrenaline rush somewhat cleared out the madness caused due to the pain and hunger caused by the Effluvium. When exhausted, the cloud would strengthen, and the effluvium coat on the body itself would cause either an increase in defense or would harden some parts. It would use far more biting attacks. The Nergi would also begin to eat any meat placed down by the player, and it's grapple attack would be knocking down the player and begining to eat, dealing pretty large damage and causing massive effluvium buildup. It would also attack anything else in the area.

For turf wars, it would behave far different from the normal Nergigante. While the standard goes for a win through brute strength, the Rotten Scourge Nergigante would instead focus on one thing, eating, and would desperately bite at the monster it was having a turf war with. Because of this, it would lose or have draws in most of the turf wars, but would always deal notable damage to the other creature due to the insane aggression.

I hope you all enjoyed it, and if not then I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'd love to hear opinions in the comments, and to everyone who read this far, have a nice day.

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