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Subspecies/Variant Ideas for Iceborne

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Subspecies/Variant Ideas for Iceborne

So, something that a G-Rank expansion always adds to the game are subspecies, and variants/deviants for new monsters, for instance: Savage Devijho in 3U, Furious Rajang in FU, the subspecies for the newcomers in 4U, etc. Since Iceborne is more than likely to add subspecies, I thought I might make my own subspecies for the new monsters.

Let's start with the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste Dwellers.

Acidic Pukei-Pukei

Differences: Upgraded Poison abilities, now can inflict Noxious Poison. Is now a very Bright Green with Orange stripes. Face and tips of wings turn purple when enraged. Exclusively inhabits Wildspire Waste.

New Moves:

  • Can combo moves together more fluently.
  • Can use a variant of Chameleos's flying downward smoke bomb.
  • Inflicts Noxious poison with all poison attacks.

Ecology: A Pukei-Pukei that has developed to primarily dwell in Desert habitats. Being an herbivore, and due to the lack of scatternuts in the Wildspire, it has resorted to consuming cacti. The juices from the cacti, combined with it's inherent poison abilities, has upgraded the toxicity of it, as well as turned the poison a deep green.

Turf Wars:

Diablos and Black Diablos – only occurs when both of them are eating at the cactus patch. The Pukei-Pukei will begin to eat, causing the Diablos to roar in anger at the intrusion of it's territory. The Pukei-Pukei will jump and try to escape, but it's already too late. The Diablos charges into it, causing it to become toppled. It then grabs it by the neck, and slams it against the ground 5 times, dealing 1,500 damage to the Pukei-Pukei and automatically breaking it's head. The Pukei-Pukei will be toppled for 15 seconds afterwards.

Cyclone Tobi-Kadachi

Differences – Exclusively inhabits the Coral Highlands. Now uses sleep gas instead of Thunder, and uses it's gliding attacks more often. Leaves areas by gliding on the updrafts. Is now a bright blue color with white accents.

New Moves:

  • Attacks with tail and claws inflict sleep when enraged.
  • If the sleep status takes effect, it will immediately lock onto the sleeping hunter and perform an aerial slam attack that will do increased damage.
  • Can glide in the air for an extended period of time, making it's tail slam attack much more unpredictable.
  • Can use the holes in Paolumu's sleeping area for the same purpose.
  • It can not charge itself. Instead, when enraged, sleep gas will radiate from it's claws and tail.

Ecology: A Tobi-Kadachi that consumes a diet of primarily sleeptoads. This has caused it to develop sleep inducing abilites. In addition, due to the elevated terrain of the Coral Highlands, it's gliding abilities have highly developed, allowing it to fly on the updrafts for an extended period of time.

Turf Wars:

Paolumu – The two growl, and then take to the skies, tumbling over each other in an aerial scuffle. The Paolumu manages to shake the Tobi-Kadachi off, but the sleep gas has already taken effect. It falls to the ground, deep in slumber. The Tobi-Kadachi then performs an aerial slam attack on the Paolumu, waking it up and dealing 1,000 damage.

Legiana – The Legiana chirps, causing the Tobi-Kadachi to take notice. It takes to the skies, putting them both in the same tumbling scuffle as the Paolumu turf war, however, the Legiana gains the upper hand, and slams it onto the ground, dealing 1,200 damage.

Bombardier Anjanath

Differences: based off a mod that changed the Anjanath's color. Credit to the original owner. It is an Anjanath with black and orange scales, looking almost as if it's skin is scorched. It inhabits both the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Wastes, and can use the blast element.

New Moves:

  • When enraged, all attacks inflict blastblight.
  • Leaves behind blast clouds with certain moves when enraged.
  • It's nose fire breath attack is now a crimson red in color, and inflicts blastblight.
  • Can perform it's charge attack four times in a row, targeting a different hunter with each charge.

Ecology: An Anjanath with highly developed flame abilities, causing it's inherent fire abilites to become more explosive in nature. It is also much more aggressive, attacking immediately on sight instead of giving out a warning roar.

Turf Wars:


Shares all turf wars with normal Anjanath, but there's a difference in Rathalos's turf war. It begins normally, but now the Rathalos fails to pick up the Anjanath. The Anjanath responds by pouncing on the Rathalos, causing it to flinch. Both participants take 500 damage.

Now, for the Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale monsters.

Oceanic Legiana

Differences: A Legiana that lives in the waters surrounding the New World. It is Red and Purple, and it's wings are more fin-like in comparison to the normal Legiana. Can inflict Waterblight and Bubbles. Inhabits the new ice map.

New Moves:

  • Instead of Ice armor, it now uses Bubbles to protect itself. It also replaces it's ice attacks with bubbles.
  • It flies a lot less.
  • It can now shoot bursts of water from it's mouth.
  • Leaves areas by either swimming or flying away.

Ecology – A species of Legiana that didn't inhabit the Coral Highlands, and as such, was absent when the water dried up. This in turn makes the normal Legiana more of a subspecies than the Oceanic variant, since it didn't have to adapt to the skies, but the guild still considers it a subspecies since it was discovered later than the original. It has unparalleled aquatic mobility, only rivaled by a select few monsters.

Turf wars:

None, since we don't know what monsters will inhabit the new ice map yet.

Omega Odogaron

Differences: now a deep brown, eyes are whited out indicating blindness, no second pair of claws on feet. Less fangs. Can inflict Miasma. It's more of a variant than a subspecies.

New Moves:

  • It moves much slower than a normal Odogaron.
  • It's claw attacks build up miasma, and no longer cause bleeding.
  • It can huff up a cloud of miasma that instantly inflicts it.
  • Leaves areas by digging.
  • Absorbs effluvium to restore stamina.
  • When enraged, it enters the state that normal Odogaron enters after eating.

Ecology – An Odogaron that failed to live up to the standards of it's peers, and was shunned from the pack, forced to live in exile in the deepest regions of the Vale. Because of this, the Odogaron was exposed to the effluvium, and was subjected to it's effects. Because of this, it has been robbed of it's eyesight, but the rest of it's senses are stronger than ever.

Turf Wars:

Odogaron – The normal Odogaron growls threateningly at the Omega, seemingly telling it to leave. this warning goes unnoticed, however, and the Omega charges into it. The two then enter a vicious scuffle, tumbling, clawing, and biting and each other. The winner is random, and whoever loses takes 1,000 damage.

Vaal Hazak – It starts like the normal Odogaron vs Vaal Hazak turf war, however, the Vaal Hazak turns around and pins the Omega to the ground after it falls off. It then violently sucks the effluvium out of the Omega, instantly killing it and leaving behind a dried up corpse. The Vaal Hazak will gain a temporary buff after this. If the Omega's corpse is carved, it will only yield monster bones.

And last, but not least, the Elder's Recess.

Combustive Bazelgeuse

Differences: it's exactly the same as normal Bazelgeuse, the only difference being that it's scales are always glowing hot. Inflicts Blastblight. Meant to be a Savage Deviljho/Furious Rajang type variant for Bazelgeuse.

New Moves:

  • It's "Bombing run" attack is much faster, and it can even go back into the air and perform another after diving down.
  • It now has a charged fireball attack that explodes in a massive AOE.
  • When enraged, blast powder will radiate from it's scales.

Ecology : A Bazelgeuse that has begun to overheat, causing it's scales to always be at maximum heat. It is much more aggressive than a normal Bazelgeuse, attacking everything it sees and leaving behind untold devastation.

Turf Wars:

Shares with normal Bazelgeuse, except they do more damage.

Well, there it is! Feel free to put more ideas in the comments!

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