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Summarized list for Key Quests

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I copied the Key Quest titles to a text file for easy reference, thought I'd share it here if anyone wants just the bare titles as a quick list.

NOTE: The quests listed AFTER the URGENT quest are needed to unlock the key quest in the tier after.

1★ Village Key Quests

– Find the Ferns

– A Fungal Hunt

– Wipe Out!

– Another Pack Attack

– URGENT: Vaulting Outlaw

2★ Village Key Quests

– Rambunctious Rhenoplos

– Gendrome Roadblock

– The Land Sharq

– Hermit Grab

– URGENT: Tusked Tantrum

– Slay the Velociprey!

– Hunt Down the Velocidrome!

– Slay the Giaprey!

– The Mountain Roughrider

– Bye Bye Jaggia

– Arzuros the Azure Beast

3★ Village Key Quests

– Stomping Grounds

– Crustacean Frustation

– Tumultuous Sprouts

– The Desert Gourmand

– Current Events

– Robbed Blind

– URGENT: The Nocturnal Enchanter

– Local Threat

– Into the Wyvern's Den

– The Shadow in the Mountains

– No Go on the Popo

– Royal Spit Take

– A Forest Fracas

– Royal Honey Hunt

4★ Village Key Quests

– Wrath of the Rathian

– Hungry Eyes

– Serpentine Samba

– Lurkin' in the Murk

– Crustacean Infatuation

– URGENT: The Dark Age

– Royal Pains

5★ Village Key Quests

– The Thunderclaw Wyvern

– The Unwavering Colossus

– The Entrancing Water Dancer

– The Fisherman's Fiend

– A King, Robed in Smoke

– Fight or Uragaan!

– URGENT: The Scorching Blade

6★ Village Key Quests

– Dark Wings, Dark Work

– Tuff Turf

– Tigrex by the Tail

– A Thousand Scales of Dread

– Brachydios Mio!

– URGENT: Stop the Wheel

– URGENT: Research Team's First Rodeo

7★ Village Key Quests

– Brave New Ore

– Husk Hunter

– Fashion Victim

– A Friend in Need

– Bug Appétit Encore

– Poisoned for Action

– Spit It Out

– Investment Flanking

– Taking Royal Liberties

– URGENT: Primal Forest Arachnids

8★ Village Key Quests

– Grapes of Rathian

– Airship Upgrade: Plesioth

– It's Gonna Eat Me!

– Airship Upgrade: Nargacuga

– Bloof!

– A Cure for Laziness

– Perfectly Normal Rock

– Airship Upgrade: Lavasioth

– URGENT: Wish upon a…Gravios?

9★ Village Key Quests

– Rathalos Topping

– Ruined and Tarnished

– Whatdunnit

– Airship Upgrade: Barioth

– Ruler of the Frozen Seaway

– Great, Glavenus Again

– Alas, Astalos Again

– Groan, Gammoth Again

– Man, Mizutsune Again?

– URGENT: Beware the Comet of Disaster

10★ Village Key Quests

– Thousand-Blade Brouhaha


– Duel with the Devil

– Roar of the Rajang

– Bad Hair Day: Brachydios

– Deviljho Food Cake

– Wheel of Time

– URGENT: Grave Peril

– URGENT: King of Hellfire

– URGENT: The Seat of a God

– URGENT: Stormlord

– URGENT: Blazing Black of a Dark God


– Tackling the Tetsucabra

– Lost in the Jurassic Frontier

– Local Threat

– Snow with Occasional Lagombi

– Royal Spit Take

– URGENT: The New Tenant


– The Desert Gourmand

– Noise Violation

– In Search of the Yian Garuga

– Operation: Secure Specimen

– Royal Assassination

– Malfestio Festival

– URGENT: A Shocking Scoundrel


– Dark Wings, Dark Work

– A Thousand Scales of Dread

– Fury Run Afoul

– Moonlit Bubble Bath

– Heaven and Earth

– Bladed Glavenus

– URGENT: Two-headed Carcass


– Swing into Action

– Bug Appétit

– Shells of Steel

– Birds of a Feather

– URGENT: A Plesioth in the Misty Peaks


– The Intelligent Malfestio

– Serpentine Samba

– Fin Finder

– Worst. Trip. Ever!

– You Caught This? I Caught This

– URGENT: A Bewitching Dance

– URGENT: The Unshakable Mountain God


– The Lightning Crown

– Bug Buffet

– Master of the Molten Deep

– Duel in the Volcanic Hollow

– For Whom the Gong Tolls

– URGENT: Seer of Swords


– Stop the Wheel

– A Gathering of Wyverns

– A Song of White and Lapis

– A Cold Set of Armor

– Rocked and Rolled

– Hammer vs. Blade

– URGENT: Hellfire Star

– URGENT: Legendary Skills?


– Pecking Order

– Lost, But Not for Long

– Surprise!

– Survival of the Biggest

– Water Fight

– URGENT: Dirty Deals


– Queen of the Ruined Pinnacle

– Shadows in the Desert Lake

– Not Mushroom to Swing a Congalala

– Feeding Time

– The Next Stage of E-Volvi-lution

– That's No Rock…

– URGENT: Giant Dragon Invasion


– Pinnacle Pioneering

– The Boiling Broiling Desert

– Water Kerfuffle

– The Lost Expedition

– Ice Recovery

– A Certain Gravitas

– URGENT: Sky Render


– Beware Twin Horns on the Sand

– Deviljho Hunt

– Tracing the Family Tree

– Emegency at the Arctic Ridge

– A Very Long Engravement

– A Titanic Clash

– URGENT: Castle on the Run

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