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Summarizing all arguments against transmog

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It will destroy variety, almost everyone would run full Nergi/Xeno armor sets.

It's not like there's too much variety anyways, almost everyone is using DK eye patch + Dober chest + Nergi coil, or another generic speedrun set that you see everytime. In fact, Transmog would bring more variety since most sets are stupidly welldone, speaking for myself now, i would use Lavasioth transmog everytime (even if i had to farm that fu*ker for it, and i probably would).

It would be very dumb to see everyone using full sets bla bla bla, because it would be weird.

It's not like looking at you, with your aberration called "set" is any good.

Doesn't make sense to have the appearance of a set, yet have the skill bonuses of totally different set pieces.

You're running around with: Giant swords, Gunlances, near immortal cats, jumping from cliffs without even breaking your legs, fighting giant monsters on melee combat, going into places full of lava without burning to ashes (you can walk over it, like dude, what in the fu*king hell!?).


And you're complaining about transmog making sense? Seriously?

We need to be able to see other people equipments, so we can judge their skills (that one is just very stupid, i wasn't even going to put it here but yeah, some people believe in this…wtf).

As i said 1 million times. To be honest, if you're so worried about the other players skills, why even bother with SOS or playing with randoms in general?

If you want something calculated, everyone using the optimized sets, you should be on favor of transmog (or just in a party with friends, your place is not with randoms), that way everyone would be able to use an optimized set without looking like shit. Further increasing your chances of finding people with optimized sets on SOS/Random hunts in general.


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