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Switch Axe Deathless Corpse Build

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - Switch Axe Deathless Corpse Build

Weapon: Empress Axe Styx with health regen augmentation

Armor: Dragon Eyepatch, Empress Mail Beta, Vaal Hazak Braces Gamma, Vaal Hazak Coil Gamma, Vaal Hazak Greaves Gamma

Charm: Evasion charm lll

Decorations: 3 Health boost, 3 Recovery up, 3 Maximum might, 2 Critical boost, 1 Weakness exploit, 1 Handicraft

Acquired Skills: Razor sharp, Super recovery, Max health boost, Max recovery up, Max recovery speed, Max peak performance, Max weakness exploit, Max maximum might, Lvl 3 evade window, Lvl 2 critical boost, Lvl 1 handicraft

Weak point affinity: 90%

Non weak point affinity: 40%

+20 Attack

Critical damage increased to 35%

347 final attack


The Swich Axe Holy Bible of Maneuvering:

This video makes evade extender irrelevant and evade window far more important. Also, pulling off miracles with just a side step never gets old.

If you don't have any maximum might gems, you can use the maximum might charm instead and plug in evade windows. Although, you will have to get 3 maximum might gems eventually or else you won't be able to fit a second critical boost.


The single handicraft gem is necessary because it adds +20 sharpness to the already large white sharpness bar. It adds +20 because of the razor sharp skill. The difference between not having a single handicraft and just having one is huge. I went from 4 element discharges to 7 and a half element discharges. That is amazing because element discharge eats through your sharpness bar like there's no tomorrow.

This build gives you super regenerative abilities with high affinity and damage. Max recovery speed with inmunizer potion is completely ridiculous. By the time you get up from an attack, you're already regenerating green health with the super recovery skill. The evade window 3 gives you plenty of invincibility frames to stay close to the monster and be very aggressive.


Take off 1 maximum might and critical boost gem. Then replace the Vaal Hazak Braces Gamma with Vaal Hazak Braces Beta. This gives you 3 level one utility slots. Also, you can replace the evasion charm with blessing charm when fighting AT Vaal Hazak, because evasion window is not necessary for that fight.

Utility Version Skill Differences:

Weak point affinity 80%

Non weak point affinity 30%

Critical damage increased to 30%

Edit: Forgot to mention that you will have to eat L elemental resistance most of the time, because Vaal armor has horrible resistance. Fortunately after eating an L Elemental resistance, everything is positive with very high water and thunder resistance.

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