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Taroth Blitz “Shot” is HBG power in an LBG frame. Phenomenal weapon.

img intro02 1024x503 - Taroth Blitz "Shot" is HBG power in an LBG frame. Phenomenal weapon.

no mods needed for average recoil and normal reload for its primary shot type, normal. rapid fire normal2, compatible with elementless. incredible actual firepower as a tradeoff for no great ailment(unless there's an exhaust meta i'm ignorant of.)

out of the box, bare bones shot damage as tested on the training pillar at optimum range, naked:

normal 1: 36 (18+9+9)

normal 2: 72 (36+18+18)

normal 3: 58

pierce 1 and 2 hit for 13 per tick in range, 10 outside. pierce 3 hits for 14 per tick in range, 12 outside.

spread 1: 33 (11×3)

spread 2: 65 (13×5)

spread 3: 98 (14×7)

i really don't think the spread is worth it, for the recoil and potential missed pellets. normal rounds can do comparable damage from safer range. but that's a personal decision!

now to compare, same naked test, but with elementless added.

normal 1: 40 (20+10+10)

normal 2: 79 (39+20+20)

normal 3: 63

pierce 1 and 2 hit for 14 per tick in range, 11 outside of it. pierce 3 hits for 16 per tick in range, 13 outside of it.

spread 1: 36 (12×3)

spread 2: 70 (14×5)

spread 3: 112 (16×7)


but we can go further still! i wanted to see what numbers three close range mods would allow, since normal shot recoil and reload need no mods. for those unaware, the distance the close range attack buff activates, is just a hair closer then when the pierce critical range ends. if you have pierce ammo equipped, you're standing in front of the pillar, and there isn't a second glowing ring inside your aiming reticle, you're in "close range"

pretty up in there. numbers are as follows.

normal 1: 53 (27+13+13)

normal 2: 107 (53+27+27)

normal 3: 85

pierce 1 and 2 hit for 15 in "close range" reverting to the normal 14 per tick after re-entering optimum range. pierce three does 17 up close, 16 optimum.

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spread 1: 48 (16×3)

spread 2: 95 (19×5)

spread 3: 147 (21×7)

i use it with a crit boost weakness exploit build. shot temp nerg in the face(fresh thorns) for 117 on crit, might have had forceshot on. point is, don't sleep on this weapon!! i have the r8 "pierce" variant as well, and this just seems better, aside from affinity, but i augmented mine to counter that. i apologize for what is likely awful formatting, i wrote this all on my phone in a rush.

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