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Temporal Mantle was a mistake

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  • 3 randoms immediately don the shiny, derp mantle vs Lunastra
  • Mantle runs out just before Luna's Nova
  • Triple cart

It got me thinking: The Temporal Mantle should have never existed. Newbs can't even access it and for the ones who got carried, it just teaches them reckless habits to go "balls out." For 90 sec, they are really not playing Monster Hunter. Experienced players don't need it in an already easy game.

Meanwhile, a gross power creep has been made as anything that isn't Arch Tempered gets effortlessly annihilated by the Rocksteady + Temporal facetank. Arch Tempers themselves do not even warrant the existence of such a powerful tool.

So now moving forward, the game has to introduce monsters that can combat the power creep that has been pushed way too far by the Temp mantle.


What does this mean? More random DOT, winds / roars, and other annoying effects. These mechanics serve to annoy, rather than challenge, yet are needed for some semblance of challenge. It is clear Luna and ArchTVaal were designed with the Temporal Mantle in mind. Behemoth looks to continue this trend: unique "insta-kill" mechanic (this gets a pass though since it's a FF thing), Kush-nadoes, flames and thunder, bleed status, etc.

TLDR: Temporal Mantle introduced a power creep because it invalidates a lot of a monster's moveset, monster design has changed to incorporate DOT / random effects to challenge. Luna, ATVaal, and Behemoth all demonstrate this.

What do you think Oroshi Kirin and Alatreon will be like? 😉

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