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Testing evade window iframes

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Since I have not seen someone actually test the iframes on evade window, I decided to do a bit of testing myself.

The iframes on evasion in previous Monster Hunter games were:

Evasion -1: .1 seconds

Evasion +0: .2 seconds

Evasion +1: .33 seconds

Evasion +2: .4 seconds

Evasion +3: .6 seconds

My tentative in-depth results:

Recorded from PS4 (not pro), using Elgato HD60S and Geforce GTX1080 at 60 fps. I frame-stepped through the video using VLC Media Player 3.03 with the Time v3.0 extension. I was testing against the exploding barrel in the training area using rolls with the sword and shield. Evade Window +4 was sufficient to roll through the explosion (specifically through, not at the edge). It *seems* that the game was running at 36fps. Here were my results with frames:

Evade Window +0: 9 frames (.25 seconds)

Evade Window +1: 10 frames (.278 seconds)

Evade Window +2: 12 frames (.33 seconds)

Evade Window +3: 13 frames (.361 seconds)

Evade Window +4: 15 frames (.4167 seconds)


Evade Window +5: 16 frames (.44 seconds)

Evasion Mantle: 20 frames (.55 seconds)

Because I was using the PS4 and it was obviously not running at 60fps, and I was using a media player that is not well-suited to exactly timing the frames per second, my results may be inaccurate. However, the number of frames were very consistent across multiple tests on my setup. I would really like to have another person test this using a PS4 Pro, Xbone X, or a PC that can run the game (when it comes out) at a steady 60fps. My predictions at 60fps would be:

Evade Window +0: 15 frames (.25 seconds)

Evade Window +1: 17 frames (.283 seconds)

Evade Window +2: 20 frames (.33 seconds)

Evade Window +3: 22 frames (.366 seconds)

Evade Window +4: 25 frames (.4167 seconds)

Evade Window +5: 27 frames (.45 seconds)

Evasion Mantle: 33 frames (.55 seconds)

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