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When I first bought MHW, I was very skeptical on how I'd feel about the game. I play a variety of games, but my favorites at the time were Zelda and Souls franchise and played the mmo runescape for years when I was a kid. I always enjoyed the gameplay of Zelda and Souls while loving the grind in Runescape. Then came Monster Hunter.

My first impressions tbh weren't even that great. I didn't like how long it took to get in the first fight as I figured with game called Monster Hunter, you'd get right in the action. I guess I was expecting a hack and slash game, but to my surprise I was far from right. Instead, I got a game that's more on player skill than Souls, combat that also felt similar to Zelda too as I always thought Souls and Zelda were similar. My favorite part about it though: the game doesn't hold your hand on positioning. In Zelda and even Souls, the lock on makes it so much easier to orient yourself around the enemy. In Monster Hunter, that's all on you.

I was in love with the combat and started to realize how much content there was in this game. Took 200 hours, but I made it to the end game while doing every major fight solo. Only fight that was extremely challenging imo was Temp Kirin, but i attribute that to my playing of Zelda and Souls. Some people I've noticed don't like the comparison, but I think it's perfect. The one people always forget to add though is MH is a more skillful combat system than Zelda and Souls as its all in your hand.


Then I reached the end game or should I say I finally could start playing the game. My God this is where I fell in love. I could hunt most monsters whenever and I'd have fun and on top of that, I even still today have a huge grind for end game material and HR 999. To my surprise, I saw people mentioning G rank. Knowing it's not coming, I stopped playing as much as I knew even though in love, I could still burn myself out. Wanting to play more, I looked into older MH's. I knew it was gonna be different which I was okay with as I played Souls a bit backwards. Started with Bloodborne, played Souls 2, then 3 and finally to Souls 1. I never beat it 1, but got to the final boss in game and the DLC.


I ended up getting MH4U and a 3ds, but quickly decided I should return it as I don't make enough money currently to be able to buy that smartly. I was sad as it was an impulse buy, but at the same time I knew it was for the best. The only other console I have is a switch so I figured out XX came out on it, but only in Japan. I said screw it; 4u felt way weird compared to Worlds, but just like Souls I knew I could adjust.

I said screw it and ended up buying it digitally from Amazon. Holy hell after adjusting and getting my ass kicked by some of the first low rank monsters, I fell in love again. Applying what I learned from World and adjusting to the slightly more clunky combat (not a bad thing imo as using heavy ass weapons should feel a bit clunky) I knew MH became my favor tie franchise of all time. Nothing can compare or probably will compare. It has everything in a video game I could ask for. So thank you Capcom for making this game and giving it another shot in the west. You just got yourself a customer who will support and will buy all new MH games and content.

TL;DR : As a player who comes from Zelda, Souls, and Runescape, thank you for trying the west out again. I have now been shown what will always be the best game franchise out there because you guys gave us another shot. Thanks for that

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