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Thank you, MH4U players, for being so kind.

MonsterHunterWorld2 - Thank you, MH4U players, for being so kind.

So, I don't have a Switch yet. I haven't been able to get into MHGU, like most other people here (though come late November around Black Friday, that will change). I put about 200 hours or so into 4U before setting it down and enjoying MHW for another 200. But as fun as World is, we all know it has its problems, such as the ceased existence of Gathering Hub downtime shenanigans and quests through it.

After having not played any MH game for a couple months or so, I decided to jump back into 4U and tackle some things I had in my to do list (crafting certain weapons and armor, like the Star Knight, which has been in the back of my mind for FOREVER). Thing is, I don't have a lot of friends who play on the 3DS, but I figured screw it, might as well play with randoms and see what we make of it.

Over the course of a week, not only had I completed more quests than I could have hoped for, I met and made friends in nearly every gaming session I created. It was really invigorating. I completely forgot what it was like to have people stick around after a quest, chat about whatever, then help somebody with a quest they requested (which subsequently gave me a rare part for something I needed later anyway). To top it off, it was so welcoming to have people join my gaming session purely for the sake of helping me and others out, which would unintentionally turn into 6 hour gaming sessions with them.


Very often we smashed even the toughest quests, too. Fatalis? Done. Star Knight quest without smoke bombs and only two of us? Decimated. Super Saiyan monkey? No match for a team of Ultra Instinct players.

Everyone was prepared, too. Most of us carried traps, and we all made sure to carry Life Powders and Dust of Life. Everyone took care of each other, always making it a goal to keep everyone above 70% health against creatures like Fatalis. Everyone brought cool drinks and hot drinks depending on the map. We'd even form strategies pre-hunt like abusing the mounting mechanics, then leading something into a trap. There was very clear coordination.

I'd forgotten how refreshing it was to have a game that not only encourages teamwork and pre-hunt preparation, but also houses some of the kindest and skilled players I'd ever seen. I really felt like people wanted to make new friends, and in a cooperative game where end game hunts are challenging fights that keep you on your toes, people continued to remain positive, strategically driven, and determined. That's something special.

So thank you, MH4U community.

Long story short (tl;dr): Played 4U, took a break to play MHW, went back to 4U and rediscovered how friendly, helpful, and considerate teammates were.


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