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Thanks Capcom, you made a 23yo Tear up in happiness!

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Thanks Capcom, you made a 23yo Tear up in happiness!

So here i am, a casual gamer who always loved monster hunter since school, my friend back in the day handed me over his psp and said check that game out, its super fun!

So i did as he said, he handed me his psp with monster hunter freedom unite, he had a simple quest booted up for me, hunt 15 iopreys or something like that, i was immediately hooked and loved it, i started asking and annoying him on every chance i had that i could have another go.

Fast forwarding a whole year later, he arrived at school and was super sad, turned out his psp broke in his school bag because he didnt had a carrying case or something similar for it, the weight of a book pinched colour and pixel damages into the screen. He was super sad about it and stopped playing with it, it was still fine to play with, just the colours were super messed up.

A month later on his birthday, his parents bought him a new one, we had a sleepover at his house, and thats when my fix really began!

This absolute legend was playing monster hunter again, looked at me and saw his damaged psp, and went to grab it and handed it to me with the words: here i rather gift it to you before its collecting more dust or is landing in the trash!

I remember we immediately ran to the store nearby to buy another monster hunter copy, i spent all my savings back then on the game, which my parents werent happy about, and had the most epic weekend ever by playing monster hunter freedom unite together!

I even remember about a year later i went on amazon and youtube and found out that the psp screen costs a joke compared to todays replacement parts, i think it was something arround 20€ and it included a small selection of tools specially for it. So i went on youtube and looked up a tutorial and followed through step by step and managed to replace the screen to get a completely fine psp!

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My friend was super stoked about it and extremely happy about it aswell, we kept playing through the entirety of our school years untill we both parted our ways into adulthood and lost ourselves.


I never really owned any consoles apart from a n64 and the psp, and always was a pc gamer. When they announced mh world for pc i was happy and reminded about that time, but it wasnt quite the same, but still awsome in its own ways! Dont get me wrong i dont hate world, its just a new chapter for monster hunter in my opinion.

Played over 500 hours of world untill i reached and got everything i wanted!

Now, a week ago i decided to finally pull the trigger in buying a nintendo switch! And of course my first game was monster hunter generations ultimate!

It instantly felt like the old days, i had goosebumps just from the intro video and the music! Played it just a little to get to know the different styles with each weapon im interrested on, and today i finally moved on with the game and reached the 3 star quests.

This is where it really hit home. The travel cat and some more villagers told me that i can now travel to other villages and oh boi…. as soon as i entered pokke i started tearing up and having the biggest smile on my face in years!

Here comes a new and old monster hunter experience and alot of good old memories!

Thank you Capcom. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.


My best friend back on school days damaged his psp to the point where it was still playable, he got a new one on his birthday and gifted me his old one so we could start playing mh freedom unite together, had the most awsome times in our school years playing it together.

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Fast forwarding a week ago, i finally bought a nintendo switch with monster hunter generations ultimate as my first title, and instantly teared up when i reached the point to travel to pokke village.

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