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That moment when you get your 3ds back from your brother and he overwrote your 600 hr save file on MHX

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - That moment when you get your 3ds back from your brother and he overwrote your 600 hr save file on MHX

I went through the entire grief cycle over an hour, and at the end I couldn't stop laughing. Then I realized that I'm actually glad, because he's enjoying the game enough to have wanted his own character!

I give my 3ds to him now, a new monster hunter is born.

Edit: There were 3 saves, yes! However the first slot was my main and I'm under the impression he (hopefully) didn't see where he was saving. I am nothing but zen now, and I have a brother I can duo with when we both get MHW on August 9th!

Final Edit: Some of ya'll are straight savage lmao, I love it! I know all of you are joking in what you say but I feel like it should be said that I think the MH community (though I don't interact often on websites) helped me to see everything that happened in a positive light. Ya'll are willing to forgive other hunters almost instantly for mistakes they make during a hunt. I've seen so many people aiding other hunters who are unable to kill a specific monster, teaching them how to fight and adapt to monsters and/or how to be more effective with their preferred weapon. Hell, even triple carts are simply laughed off, and everyone is back in the bar goofing off waiting to re-post and go at it again. I've never played a game or series other than MH where everyone is so non-toxic and straight helpful. I'm grateful for that.


Two traits that can define any person who plays MH is perseverance and patience imo. There is a lot of room for error, and almost everyone I've met has the willingness to go out of their way to help someone who may be having troubles. Even though I've lost my character and my gear, I feel like I've been given the opportunity to reflect everything this community has instilled in me. Though I was upset at first, my brother was legitimately sorry when he realized what he had accidentally done, and I know he did not act maliciously. And hell, like makishimazero said "endgame is the delete button" lol. Cheers, hunters!

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Tl;dr: MH community is full of helpful badass people, my brother is legitimately sorry, and I enjoy the idea of re-acquiring everything I've lost.

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