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That time my cousin decided to try MH and failed hard.

MonsterHunterWorld4 - That time my cousin decided to try MH and failed hard.

I saw a meme that reminded me of this and figured some folks might get a kick out of it.

When MHW came out I fell in love with the game even though I hadn't played any previously (I've since played several). After a while my cousin "Josh" (changing the name) saw that I had been playing it a lot and decided to give it a try.

Now, bear in mind that when things go south, Josh rages hard. My first reaction is one of skepticism, followed by trying to suppress an evil grin. I love him, he's family, but I swear that sometimes Josh isn't the sharpest greatsword in the equipment menu. He will make poor choices and get angry when they bite him in the ass. Such as not healing, neglecting to eat, or not sharpening his weapon as a few examples.

Things go well for a bit, i made a new character specifically to help him through because why not. The first Kulve Taroth seige had just come to a close, so it would be a nice break to fight some small fries. Great Jagras gets demolished, Kulu ya ku gets roasted, tobi kadachi is smashed, he's making progress. The whole time though, he wants to go get revenge on Anjanath for all the times it was a pain in the ass. I get it. As soon as I thought I could take him on my first character had done the same.

I get home from work one night, and as I step in the door my phone starts ringing. It's Josh, and he's ready to fight Anjy. Okay. I get a bite to eat and soon enough we're prepped. I've got an investigation to kill Anjy with 2 silver and 1 gold reward, upped money reward, the only downside is that the timer is 30 minutes, and it has 5 uses. No biggie.

How wrong I was.

An hour later we've carted out four times. I'm basically tanking with lance while Josh goes anklebiter with DB, and he's getting better, but he's still getting bodied by (to me and probably most of you as well) obviously telegraphed attacks. Every time he gets angrier and angrier. If things go any further south we're going to be hunting penguins. Finally, we're on the last use of the investigation before we have to swap to doing it on expeditions which probably would've been for the best anyway since there's no cart limit. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.


It goes much better this time. He carts a couple times early on, but after that he's more cautious. We've got Anjy down to skulls and it runs for its nest to take a nap. I heal up and sharpen out of pure habit, but Josh neglects to do so. As we chase, Anjy runs through sector 2, and Josh stops to collect ores and bones while I follow Anjy to go for the capture. I don't get terribly far when Josh starts shouting and ranting. A moment later the fail screen pops up.

I learned later that he had been collecting bones when Great Jagras apparently decided he looked like a nice snack. As he hadn't healed up yet, GJ pretty much one shotted him.

When the failure screen showed there was a scream from the other end of my headset. I'm talking a scream that usually means someone is going super saiyan. Then there's a CRACK "Oh shit" and Josh goes offline. He had, in his overwhelming butthurt, thrown the controller at the TV (breaking both), which then toppled over and broke his PS4.

Because of Great Jagras.

That was the last time he played monster hunter. I still sometimes wonder what would've happened if he had fought any of the other walls like B52s or tempered kirin. Some things are probably better off not being known. My guess is that he'd have had an aneurysm or something.

Upside is that when i related this to my other cousin Chris he wanted to try the game as well, and now we hunt together when we have the chance. He loves the game as much as i do lol.

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