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The 15th anniversary site has been updated in English with a very emotional letter to the fans

MonsterHunterWorld8 - The 15th anniversary site has been updated in English with a very emotional letter to the fans

Heres the link fir anyone that might have missed it

EDIT: It seems that on some browsers the site currently does not have the full letter. On a phone it appears but on a PC it does not

EDIT 2: The website on some devices seems to not be working right, the letter flashes and disappears, so here's the transcript

"The 15th Anniversary of the Monster Hunter Series:

This year marks 15 years since Monster Hunter was first released. First and foremost, we would like to thank all the fans who have played, loved, and supported the Monster Hunter series for the last 15 years. Truly, thank you all so much!

This anniversary is not only about memories, but Monster Hunter’s continuing story.

Thanks to the numerous titles and events held all over the world, Monster Hunter has grown to become more than just a game. Whether it’s monstrous theme park attractions or cool and cuddly merchandise, none of this would have been possible without you, the fans!


All you hunters out there play a more important role than you might think! You all represent the final stage in our games’ development. How you might ask? Well, think back at your experiences with Monster Hunter. For example, finally getting the game in your hands? eagerly turning on the console and choosing your weapons as your heart beats like a drum. Or being on the edge of your seat, getting mind-bogglingly frustrated. Feeling victorious when you succeed, or crushed when you’re defeated, yet continuing to play. Going in solo or hunting with your friends. Making new friends with hunters far away. When you’ve poured your heart into the game, only then can we say the game is complete!

And that’s how we want to continue Monster Hunter’s legacy: “Together as One”

That has been the greatest source of power, encouragement, and comfort for us. We have been blessed with an ever-changing landscape you created for us with sentiments like “Monster Hunter is awesome! I want more!”, that never ceases to amaze us on this wild ride. From here on out, Monster Hunter will continue its journey. We won’t tell you to come along with us, nor will we say we will follow you. Let’s go onwards together. Towards a more entertaining, a more innovative Monster Hunter. A Monster Hunter that exceeds beyond our wildest dreams! And even further!

Monster Hunter will stay with you no matter what. We appreciate and thank you for all you have done so far. We are so excited about the future, and we hope you are too!


The Monster Hunter Series Staff "

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