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The 5e D&D Monster Hunter Monster Manual Iceborne Update!

MonsterHunterWorld9 - The 5e D&D Monster Hunter Monster Manual Iceborne Update!

Hello Everyone,

I am back with a massive 24+ monster update to the Monster Hunter Monster Manual. In this manual you will find over 160+ Monsters from the Monster Hunter video game series. With this latest update we add an additional 24 monsters from the newest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion.

In addition to these new creatures, I have also begun the process of making tempered and archtempered versions of other elder dragons that were in the original MHMM. These versions of the monster act like the young, adult, ancient versions of the d&d dragons, increasing in power as their challenge rating increases.

The PDF also has some overall improvements. It now has bookmarks for each creatures info page and each section is sorted by alphabetical order in the bookmarks. Most important of all, the file size is dramatically smaller than it used to be, while still retaining its quality.

You can find the latest version of the MHMM here: PDF Link or on GMbinder (note GMbinder if you have issues with formatting on the site, please use the PDF link.

The Monster Hunter Monster Loot Tables have also been updated with the new creatures, which you can grab here: PDF Link or GMbinder.

You can also grab my rule set for playing a monster hunter styled d&d game here: PDF Link Or GMbinder

Thank you all for your time and please let me know what you think. If you like my work and want more, please check out my Patreon for more monster hunter content such as variant monsters, monster hunts, or even join in our patreon monster hunter game.


Below is a list of some of the updates I have added to the MHMM in this most recent update.

  • Some lore has been added for MHW creatures,
  • Added 24+ new stat blocks
  • Art for some creatures has changed
  • Front cover info has been changed
  • Back cover text has been changed
  • Gypceros flying speed increased to 60 feet
  • Kulu-ya-ku: given the perception and investigation skills and a new sensitive beak trait.
  • Yian-kut-ku: HP and AC increased, multiattack reduced to 2 attacks instead of 3, and its charge bonus damage was reduced (it was found if used at lower levels, its charge would insta kill if it hit)
  • Qurupeco: flint wording was changed, no other change.
  • Yian Garuga: fixed wording on its violent roar, and it now incapaciates on a failed save, but stuns if the creature fails teh save by 5 or more. (Used to always stun on a failed save)
  • Bulldrome: thrash DC increased to 13
  • Congalala: Now has a Fart reaction.
  • Blangonga: slight rewording to its retreat reaction.
  • Nerscylla: Gained prof in stealth, multiple new traits, and its stinger has been changed
  • Dire Miralis: multi attack now does 2 magma bombs, magma bomb damage was reduced by half, claw range increased. 2 new stat blocks (tempered and archtempered)
  • Teostra: Tempered Teostra has been created
  • Valphalk renamed to Valstrax
  • Xeno'jiiva: Gif has been removed and render added, in addition to an info page
  • Behemoth: Emnity trait as been added, erupting flame removed and added to its claw attack.

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