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Just a small speculation thread 'cause I'm pretty damn taken with the thing, but what kind of niche do you think it'd inhabit in Monster Hunter? Final Fantasy isn't something I'm versed in, but I understand it's one of the harder monsters. Would that translate to near Elder tier? Something akin to Deviljo and Rajang? Should we or can we even compare them? For all we know, this could be a one-off instance that might not be considered 'canon' and its power wouldn't necessarily need to be quantified. But this is also apparently new territory for Monster Hunter; perhaps some deal was struck and we'll see Behemoth make frequent guest appearances in the series going forward, enough to earn it a sorta-canon state.


That'd be cool as fu*k, in my opinion. And it's got a cutscene. They're not just plopping it in, saying: 'hey, go find tracks and hunt this motherfu*ker'. Nah, there's seemingly a bit of story to it and everything. Now, whether this is gonna be an actual thing that happens canonically or if it's more akin to Rathalos appearing in Metal Gear where it's more along the lines of 'yeah, this happened, but not really' is up for debate.

Would you even want it to happen canonically? Would that pose some difficult questions in terms of explaining how the Behemoth actually arrived? And if we can categorize its strength, what would your verdict be? Elder Dragon? Near Elder Dragon? Could it put Jho in a Cobra Clutch? What sorta niche do you think it'd occupy?

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