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The Charge Blade is OP

MonsterHunterWorld1 - The Charge Blade is OP

After almost 400 hours into this game, Kulve was giving me none of the weapons I wanted. So I decided to learn all of the other weapons, I was having fun until I started using the CB. It brutally curb-stomps every other weapon from a "engaging gameplay" perspective. With it's only weakness being it's epic sheathe time, which makes the slinger useless (especially coming from SnS).

I'm not going to touch on it's insane damage potential, or excellent shield, what I'm talking about are the miniscule decisions the devs made that add up to a weapon that just feels better than any other,

  1. Unlike most weapons, CB counts a success from the start of the animation, not the end. This means your shield & sword will be successfully charged, even if the attack fails
  2. Unless it's the SAED, where your phials won't be spent if the SAED fails, even if the attack has already connected
  3. Don't forget, if you whiff your SAED, you can just charge your shield instead
  4. You can "over-charge" your shield (you can charge it twice in a row to double the length of time it's charged)
  5. Guard-points
  6. In-built Mind's Eye
  7. The reach of the sword seems very generous

To compare, we'll use MHW's most popular weapon the LS. Comparing these two weapons I think you'll begin to understand my point,

  1. If your final attack of the 4 hit long Spirit combo doesn't hit something, you won't go up a spirit level, plus you've now used up all of your spirit gauge
  2. If Spirit Thrust hits a monster, you will be forced into a long animation where you have no defence and minimal control, and it doesn't matter if you haven't even begun the animation for the helm-splitter, you've already lost a Spirit Level
  3. Even though the weapon guide displays "Press triangle for Helm Splitter" it has no effect, and you cannot recover from a whiffed Spirit Thrust
  4. At the end of your Spirit Blade combo you will be forced to sheathe your weapon. This means on the way to a maxed-out Spirit Level, you've already been forced to sheathe 3 times!
  5. Foresight slash is amazing, but it can only be used mid-combo
  6. No guard


Comparing these two weapons from a gameplay and conceptual level they're just not in the same league, and it's hard to believe they're from the same game. Time and time again the CB will cover you when another weapon wouldn't have. Insane damage SAED, guard-points, no such thing as a whiff, the CB is always working to help the player out, ensuring that they're always in control. Most other weapons feel like they're fighting you, like they're constantly getting in their own way,

  • IG, managing your kinsect requires an extra layer of knowledge on the monster you're fighting just to maintain your peak performance (Unlike CB, harvesting multiple times gives no further advantage), no defence
  • LS, forced sheathing, no defence
  • SnS, just doesn't do damage in the same league, minimal defence
  • Hammer, no defence
  • GS, slow, minimal defence
  • DB / Bow, stamina management is no joke, no defence
  • LBG/HBG, ammo management is no joke
  • HH, it requires much more management for much less bang, no defence

Lance, GL, I haven't been able to really get my head around yet so can't comment to their inherent flaws.

The CB feels like one of a very weapons that don't get in your way, and is the only one that performs to this level with no item farming. Its overloaded with thoughtful and useful moves to empower the player, and I believe every weapon should feel this engaging and rewarding to play. I'm not asking for them to nerf the CB, but I am asking the devs to unshackle the other weapons.

Let them shred

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