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The current Challenge Quests are interesting

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There seem to be three new ones that I haven't seen before, and all of them are difficult in their own way.

First is the Deviljho Slay Event vs Deviljho in the Arena. Thing about this is that the LS, DB, and IG sets have no items. Absolutely nothing. You only get an Evasion Mantle. The sets actually aren't completely terrible… except they're focused around Peak Performance, encouraging you to not get hit. In contrast, the SnS and LBG sets have a lot of items, and Lv5 Wide-Range, though the weapons themselves aren't the best. I suppose the idea here is to have someone be the DPS while the other supports them. His tailspin gets very annoying very quickly.

Second is What Lurks In The Forest vs Great Jagras, Anjanath, and Rathalos. But this takes place in the Ancient Forest, not the Arena. GS, Hammer and Bow again have no items, and SnS and Lance are Wide-Range sets that do have items, however they don't have potions. However, a few of these have gathering skills, and since this takes place in the forest, it encourages you to do this Survivor Man style to gather & craft your own potions/items from scratch. I found this to be pretty fun, but probably the easiest one, if maybe a bit tedious. Mandragora are right outside Camp 17.


The Third one Gaijinhunter mentioned, The Best of the Best vs Teostra, Kushala Daora and Nergigante in the Arena. What he didn't mention was how much a pain in the ass this one is. All the weapons have items this time, and GL and CB have 2 and 1 Flash pods, respectively. The thing about this fight is that it starts off against Teostra alone, which is fine, but within like 2 minutes Kushala shows up and you have to deal with both of them at the same time. Then when one of them dies, Nerg shows up a bit later, so you still have to deal with two. I honestly think the Hunting Horn set might be the best here because it's the only one with Earplugs, as well as an Earplugs song. Maybe you're good at dodging roars, but dodging two roars back to back would be rough. Not to mention getting one-shotted by an attack the other one is doing while you're stunned by a roar. Honestly I ended up having the monsters fight eachother mostly because I could barely get any hits in just trying to avoid it all. Also, it uses some of the credits music.

As for rewards, I did terribly at all of these, but the first two gave Hunter King coins, while the last one gave Ace Hunter coins. Additionally, the Jho one gave a Silver Egg while the Elder one gave a Golden Egg (to sell). So, unfortunately the rewards weren't too special, and these are way harder to farm than your normal Arena quests, unless you have friends. I did all of these solo to see what they gave (my Plus ran out), and I gotta say: Don't do these solo. They are clearly intended for two. Solo only if you're really confident and masochistic.

However, to those of you that want a challenge, these will be up for the next 41 days (at the time of writing), so I encourage you to give them a shot at least once. Happy hunting!

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