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The desire sensor found a rather unique way to troll me!

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I have been farming for the better part of a week now trying to get Warrior Stones/Axe. I really need 4 of them, but I'd settle for 2 so I'm not being greedy. I was getting jack from my tempered investigations and the DS was laughing maniacally in my face. That is until you all told me about the Deviljho event giving out Warrior/hero stones on a much more frequent basis. So I'm thinking I've got you by the short hairs now DS! Oh how foolish I was. I'm thinking "yeah I've got you backed in a corner, the drop rate is much higher now you turd so you can't help but drop me some warrior/hero stones." With a sly smirk DS smiled at me. "So you want some axe stones do you, backed me in a corner have you, I relent the axe stones are yours!" and with a dead Deviljho lying at my feet DS reaches up his rear and pulls out an axe stone only it had an orange glow to it. Okay…….its a hero axe stone. I'm cool with that I'll save it for later. "Oh my bad, you wanted axe warrior stones. So sorry I'll get it right next time. Just bring me another Deviljho." 30 minutes later I plop another Deviljho at his feet. "Ahhh here you go he says." Out pops another axe stone….hero. "Opps I did it again, hehehehe, just one more DevilJho." It was at that point I realized there is no defeating the desire sensor. He knows your deepest thoughts and wishes. He prays on what you want the most and no amount of trickery on our parts will make him give us what we desire. Its just a game. A cruel and unusual game. We are his pawns destined to repeat the cycle over and over again. He gives out to some what they want as a tease to the rest to keep us hooked thinking maybe just maybe I'll get what I want next. He isn't your friend so the next time you see him at the canteen or walking through the ancient forest give him a wide birth. He wants your SOUL! True story, really happened.


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