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The Evolution of Wyverians (From Wyverns to Humanoids)

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After the Research of the Biology of the Wyverians, and Made the Discovery that the Features found in the Wyverians Match Two Types of Wyverns, but due to the fact no Wyverians have wings I cut one of the Types out and Found the Closest Category of Wyverns that Match them is in fact, Brute Wyverns

All this is, is a Theory on the Origin on Wyverians is that an Extinct Species of Brute Wyvern Given the Code name" Ranbō or 'First Blood' was a Species of Carnivorous Brute Wyvern with Large Ears and Large Noses showing It probably used its other senses over Eyes with Large Arms with Four Fingers. found in the Old World and Estimating the Time of how long it would take for a Reptile to evolve at the Speed of a Mammal so after a Quick Bit of Math (If I am Wrong, Please Correct me since I am not good at Math) It would be 72 Million Years ago and the Idea of Humanoids from a Mammalian Species is Long away and I am Making a Guess this History is Different and the Land was Covered in Mostly Reptilian and Arthropod Monsters of Many Designs. Ranbo Lived over the West Side of the Old World around Modern Day Kuruputiosu Wetlands, Millions of Years before it was a Wet Land and it probably was a Thick Forest where Sunlight doesn't get through the Leaves. the Wyvern was Probably Outclassed by the Ancestor of Rathalos and Rathian and It ate the Ancestors of Aptonoth and Slagtooth.

The Ranbo lived from 90 Million Years to 70 Million Years Ago and then suddenly Most of the Ranbo Family went extinct but a Single Group of Ranbo survived in the Safety of the Mountains surrounding the Swamp and Found the Niche it lived in closing but the Niche of Humans Opened up and Soon the Ranbo would evolve to fill the niche.

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for around 5 million Years After the Extinction of Ranbo, A Species of Smaller Brute wyverns appeared with an slightly Upright Position and the Tail starting to shrink and its Arm grew and are lessening the Bulk and faintly resemble a Humans arm. The Species has been Given the Name, Nisokuhokō. There is Evidence proceeding the discovery of the Species that it was not a Solitary Species like All Modern Brute Wyverns and Lived in small Packs taking down Large Wyverns and Herbivores like Larinoth. The Discovery of a Skull shows the Part where the Brain is Held is Larger then Previous Species showing It was Smarter.

For Many Millions of years More and More slight Adjustments Occured in the Species and around 20 Million Years Ago is when the Greatest of the Features appeared, The First of the new Features is the Pack is No Longer bound to a single leader, and is now held together by Family, the Second of the Features is the Loss of the Tail and the Bipedal Form that we would see in Humans. Anthrópino have Shown to Use Complex weapons like Spears and Hurling Stones at Prey, They have Also shown the First to Eat Plants.

This is all the Major Evolution Features for Wyverians, If there is any major things You want me to cover Please tell me

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