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The Extreme Bloodbath Diablos taught me something very important today…

MonsterHunterWorld7 - The Extreme Bloodbath Diablos taught me something very important today...


And here's why…

We're all power hungry mongrels who want to hunt the monster as fast & efficiently as possible which means we almost always build around DPS exclusively…

But when you fight a monster as powerful as Bloodbath Diablos, you absolutely NEED to learn the value of patience. He's not a weak & unthreatening monster that you can just mindlessly hack away at without paying any attention to it's moves.

He DEMANDS that you watch him closely & wait for openings to attack. Act even a little bit hasty & your health bar will disappear faster than a Lucent Nargacuga under the light of the full moon.

Which is why hunting the Extreme Bloodbath Diablos today in MHGU was one of the most rewarding feelings that I've ever experienced in a video game. I had to play well… GIT GUD… And not just merely play better… I had to play better & try harder than I ever have before in a Monster Hunter game. Dare I say even more than Extreme Behemoth.


It was frustrating… I was angry! Failing for several hours on end after roughly two dozen failed attempts… But I was having fun! I could see my improvements! The pay off from the struggle & every last decision I made in that hunt… That one victorious & glorious hunt where everything fell into place exactly how I wanted. The hunt finally went my way!

And then… He died.

The triumph was earned from Learning, Caution & most importantly… PATIENCE!

Your DPS is 0 if you cart. Even if means attacking less often & less consistently… The fact that you're even surviving in the first place means that you're only doing well. Sometimes, you can win a hunt just by keeping a watchful eye & a patient mind. That's all you need. Just be wise.

May you all be victorious!

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