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What are everyone's opinions on the 4 flagship monsters from Gen? I never played it so now I'm working my way through the village quests on GU and just finished 5* Village. I finally was able to fight all four of the flagship monsters. I personally love all of their designs, fighting them is a blast.

Glavenus I fear the G-Rank version, some of his moves throw me for a serious loop. Obviously I need to fight him more to learn the patterns but damn did he knock me around a bit during our first fight. I love his design, the tail that he ignites with his teeth. The fact that it comes at you so fast and looks fantastic while he's doing it. Such a great design

Mizutsune I think is a beautifully designed monster, I love all the colors and even more so when it's enraged. The bubble mechanic is a bit silly but a fun break from all of the other ailments.


Gammoth while it's a cool design, I find the fight the weakest of the four. It's not a terrible fight but due to it's size, it does feel a bit limiting overall.

Astalos. This is one of the coolest monsters in the series IMO. The design is just something else. He's also one of the most well animated monsters in the game, so many moving parts and little flourishes to his model. I got hit a few times just because I was watching something move on him instead of actually watching what he was doing.

Overall I would say that aside from Gammoth, the other three sit right near the top of my favorite monsters of the series along with the likes of Tigrex, Gore Magala, Brachydios, Nargacuga and the Pickle. I'd like to hear from veterans of the series and newcomers? What do you guys think of these 4?

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