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The Flagship Monsters Personalities (A fun little concept to give the flagships some character) (Long Post)

MonsterHunterWorld8 - The Flagship Monsters Personalities (A fun little concept to give the flagships some character) (Long Post)

This post is a little fun idea that i came up with myself. When it comes to the flagship monsters from MH1 to MHWI i imagine them as characters in an anime, cartoon etc. So for this post i will be describing all the flagship monsters with personalities i feel that closely resemble how the monsters behave. (Disclaimer: this isn't how they behave lore wise)

Side Note: Since i feel that MHW has changed some monsters appearance and behavior i will be adding personality changes from the 4th gen to the 5th gen (MHGU to MHW/MHWI this will only apply to monsters that are confirmed for MHW and MHWI)

Rathalos: Rathalos i tend to believe that Rathalos see's himself as proud, brave and valiant like he never backs down from a challenge and he will defend those who is close to him and never give up. In the MHGU he was more reserved and arrogant and had taken a beating by a few monster like Seregios and Astalos diminishing his pride a bit. In MHW he is a lot more confident in himself as proven himself why he is an apex predator and regaining his pride that he temporally lost. (The MHW model of Rathalos looks like he is smiling which explains the confidence boost, Same applies to the Azure Rathalos)

Kushala Daora: I see Kushala Daora as a monster who is very up himself like Vegeta form DBZ since he is a Elder Dragon he refuses to associate with lesser monsters that aren't at his level, that being said however he also doesn't tolerate the presence of other Elder Dragons (especially Teostra). In MHGU he was aggressive and cold preferring to be alone, In MHW he is not as aggressive as before and is generally more calm due to the fact he can tolerate humans in his vicinity as long as he isn't provoked

Tigrex: Tigrex is relentless, aggressive, boisterous and often self centered he doesn't like staying in the one spot for too long and often charges head first straight into danger without a second thought. In MHGU he was serious aggressive and got straight to the point without wasting time. In MHWI he isn't as aggressive as before but he seems to be a lot more cocky now. (thanks to that new smile of he's from when he was confirmed plus i feel the new Tigrex smiles more.)

Nargacuga: Nargacuga is crafty, cunning and slick but he is not always friendly and he tends to be more serious than at first glance. In MHGU he could tolerate other monsters presence and be generally nice and even smile at times. In MHWI he is no longer very friendly in fact he hardly smiles now, he is much more aggressive and has developed a murderous agenda for himself no longer tolerating anyone around him.

Lagiacrus: Lagiacrus is wise, intelligent and knowledgeable like he has a lot of life experience and knows the dangers of other monsters, he has gained a lot of respect from other monsters from the fact he can hold he's own over most monsters to the point they hardly challenge Lagiacrus

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Zinogre: Zinogre is high spirited, laid back and even supportive at times but also having he's own priorities as well. He enjoys the thrill of battle and is generally a cool guy to be around even in his super charge state as that only amps him up to be more wild.

Brachydios: Brachydios is hard working, focused and also cunning, when he is enraged however he's aggressive to the point he will take you down without mercy. While he maintains the same behavior from MHGU to MHWI due to his growl being a bit lower pitch at the end of the Glavenus trailer it could assumed that the Brachydios sounds older a lot more serious and even patient as it is implied that he coated the Uragaan in slime, let him run, and followed him to wait for the slime to :explode as the Hunter in trailer is most likely look what was behind Uragaan when it collapse from the explosions


Gore Magala: While many people would believe the Gore Magala is evil and sinister i tend to believe he is more quiet and misunderstood and he actually opposes the one who birthed him (Shagaru Magala) and he currently sides with the other flagships like Alucard in Castlevania

Seregios: While Seregios is young he is also cocky, self centered and believes he is just better than everyone around him and he honestly believes everyone adores him (When he is actually one of the most disliked of the group) but he does some good points at times.

Astalos: Astalos is aggressive, violent, hates company 75% of the time and prefers to be alone for not only he's sake but for others so he doesn't have to hurt them but if they don't listen he will seriously hurt someone.

Gammoth: Strong, tomboyish and sometimes aloof from others, she hardly interacts with the others due to her not really being interested. Just stay on her good side or you may end being flatten underneath her.

Mizutsune: Calm, alluring, flirty and sometimes speak is if he was feministic he prefers to sleep and groom and often sounds like he is very bored.

Glavenus: Smart, proud and calculative. Like a Black Knight that follows a code in chivalry when he sets out to get a job done he will make sure its complete like finishing of the Rathian he never got to finish back in the Jurassic Frontier so he found her in the Wildspire Wastes and will make its not just her wing claws that are served this time. Of all flagship monsters returning in MHW and MHWI he is the only one so far that hasn't change in behavior when transitioning from MHGU to MHWI.


Valstrax: Confident sharp and always smiling he enjoys the sense of being on the wing which shows he enjoys freedom and speed. He also is the leader of the Fated Four and was the original one to teach Glavenus he's tail spin which makes him a formidable fighter

Bloodbath Diablos: While the regular Diablos is aggressive, has a short temper and wants to be left alone the Bloodbath Diablos is all that but up to eleven as well as murderous and rogue. If he in his 4th rage mode he becomes so aggressive he will chase you to the ends of the earth no matter what in shear anger just to make sure you are buried several feet under the ground dead in he's inescapable rage.

Nergigante: Aggressive, single minded, violent and even power hungry at times he will do anything to achieve his goals and he doesn't care who gets hurt or killed in the process as they don't matter to him all he cares about is who is next prey that being said he does have some common sense like if he is outnumbered and he isn't evil (But not friendly)

Velkhana: (We don't much Velkhana for now until footage or release) But my guess is she is elegant, well mannered and intelligent and nothing scares her not even Nergigante.

So what do you think? if you think the flagships have a different personality let me know and if you want me to make personalities for the other monster from MH1 To MHWI let me know i'd be happy to do so!

I'm thinking next post will be about the fictional relationships the flagships have with each other, let me know if this is a good idea to!

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