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The LBG you might be overlooking

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TLDR Taroth Blitz Bomber. Rapid fire normal 2. Almost as good damage as Karma. Has an extra augment slot. Level 2 of all status shots except sleep.

Seriously, in the once in a blue moon that I see someone else using LBG, then never use this gun.

It has 50 less affinity than karma, which is 12.5% less damage, but it has 20 more true attack.

Without augments it does less damage, but with augments it does slightly more, as augmenting it twice for affinity will leave it at a flat 200 unbloated damage, whereas karma with one damage augment has 185, and with affinity factored in it has 198.875 unbloated damage. (Math in comments)

This puts them at the same attack for their staple shot. But what does Taroth Blitz Bomber have over Karma? It has level 2 paralysis, poison, and exhaust shots, and level 1 exhaust shots. It’s one of the best status weapons in the game, and it does as much damage as Karma.


While it has no pierce and no spread, no one uses Karma for pierce, and spread feels weaker than normal, and is far harder to land reliably. Both of these are really lackluster. But you know what isn’t? All 3 levels of sticky shot (it is called bomber for a reason) these are low damage, but they add stun to all the ways you can incapacitate the monster.

In short, this gun is just amazing, so if you have it, you should definitely give it a try.

Especially if you’re one of the 97% who don’t use LBG.

Hopefully I didn’t totally screw up my math, but knowing me, that’s unlikely

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