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The Magala Boys.

MonsterHunterWorld6 - The Magala Boys.

So, with speculations flying left and right about every Flagship being added (except the other members of the 4) I got thinking to myself, and most of the monsters would fit fairly well, except one. Gore Magala, well more specifically the Frenzy Virus.

The Frenzy Virus was a massive massive part of 4Us story and would need a serious chunk of the expansion's story to be explained. Bringing a monster like Gore (and Shagaru) and having them as one offs like in GenU wouldn't make sense with world's story, and ascetic.

So I got thinking again, how could they be added and work, and I figured it out. They could be properly implemented in an Event style quest like the Witcher and FF14 crossovers, as well as Lunastra and Jho. So how would that play out? Well I thought about that too.

The quest would start with you (the Hunter) being tasked to investigate an incredibly violent Jagras. This Jagras has become so ridiculously powerful you see him drop an Anjanath in a cutscene. After hunting this Jagras, the researchers there are astounded to find that this Great Jagras was infected with a strange disease that made it quite violent and much stronger. (Alright, so a quick lore drop, Gore and Shagaru are fairly recent discoveries, so I actually don't think any of the older members of the commission would have in depth knowledge of Gore or Shagaru) This is where the Excitable A-Lister (former Ace Cadet) would enter, saying he recognizes this disease and explains the Frenzy Virus as well as Gore and Shagaru. You would then be tasked with doing an investigation, gathering information on Gore similar to Jho and Pink Rath. You would then encounter Gore in the Ancient Forest, you're instructed to capture it, for research, and upon doing so return to Astera to report you findings. You're sent out to quell a few monsters found to still be infected, and upon your return, turns out the Gore has escaped, and the researches say that Gore is getting incredibly close to molting. The Excitable A-Lister will explain that when a Gore is about to become a Shagaru he needs to return Heaven's Mount to molt, but due to the distance between here and there, he'd seek out the highest point he could. Enter the massive crystal spire's in the Elder's Recess, and an arena above that of Xeno's (since those spire's you see in the distance is where Xeno resides) You rush there with the intent of taking down the Gore, but you're to late, and arrive just in time to see it Molt into a Shagaru Magala. Epic battle ensues as you bring down the Shagaru before he infects the New World with the Frenzy Virus. You defeat him and return to Astera a champion, as the Excitable A-Lister writes and sends a letter to his old team.


So after this, Gore and Shagaru will be added into the game, for Gore, I thought of a cool mechanic that whatever map you fight him on, the other large monsters on the map are also infected by the Frenzy. Gore should be available to fight at any time, but Shagaru should be a limited event, like Zorah and Xeno, appearing every so often.

Please tell me what you think of this idea for the Magala boys, since i think the Expansion story wouldn't have enough time to tackle them both. Some of you will say "they'll add Gore just not Shagaru" which is objectively wrong, you can make the Fated Four work with only one (it doesn't make me happy) but you can do it, you can't make Gore work without Shagaru.

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