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The Magic of Monster Hunter World & why I’m so fondly looking forward to the future of Gen 5.

MonsterHunterWorld8 - The Magic of Monster Hunter World & why I'm so fondly looking forward to the future of Gen 5.

Say what you want about World. It has several glaring flaws ranging from a low monster count, the variety of those monsters, the bad end-game, the bland weapon designs, etc.

But I always remind myself of what the game did right… And DAMN! Despite how low the game's lows are… The highs are VERY high!

Have you ever taken a break from the grind, spamming Tempered Elder Dragons & crafting all the highest DPS builds… Just to stop & appreciate the little things?

I went out on an Expedition in the Ancient Forest today with absolutely no goal in mind. I just brought a Ghille Mantle with Level 3 Tool Specialist simply to appreciate how special this game is to it's predecessors.

Even after almost a year, I'm still blown away by how different this game is… In all the right ways. Just following a Great Jagras around, watching it do it's thing, eating an Aptonoth, feeding it's young made everything feel so immersive. Monsters aren't robots that go to random areas & aimlessly walk around doing nothing. They are truly Alive!

And even when monsters aren't on the brain or the screen… The World building itself feels so wonderfully real. This game is a defining example of a Living, Breathing World!

When you make This kind of game… (Looking at you, Breath of the Wild.) The World is literally half the battle when developing. I don't even know how to describe it. Capcom just did it right!

As for the weapons, controls, mechanics & Quality of Life changes… The smoothness & fluidity of everything feels so comfortable.

And the story. Capcom's strongest attempt at a proper Monster Hunter story. 4U Did a solid job… But even that doesn't stand up to what World did.

They made characters who would normally just be pixels with text boxes & actually brought their personalities to life.

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Imagine if the Handler, the Admiral or the Commander was in an older game. You know what they're like… But you just can't feel them.

Like how the Moga Sweetheart is so energetic & enthusiastic. You know what she's like… But you simply can't feel her.

I bet if the Caravaneer was in World, he'd act just like the Admiral. Or if Guildmarm was in World (And she almost is.) She'd act identical to the Handler.

I also remember being in shock & awe when discovering the new locales. From finding the Coral Highlands next to the Great Ravine to discovering the Rotten Vale to the Admiral showing us the Elders Recess. You didn't just unlock these locales… You Learned about them & the creatures that inhabit. They took the story & integrated it into the World. There are reasons for how & why things work the way they do.

I've spent this entire post gushing about World & how great it is… But I'm always reminded about it's unfortunate shortcomings. The lack of monsters & overall variety, the sluggish shallow & unrewarding end-game, etc. It really is a saddening damper.

But we have to keep our eyes on the prize. World will eventually be the best Monster Hunter game at some point. Wether it comes in the form of a massive update or a new game entirely… Some day, We'll have Gen 5 Monster Hunter that'll be oozing with monsters, variety, more beautiful living breathing ecosystems, improvements to the system, tons of content overall… & Most importantly; G Rank.

I don't expect this to happen any time soon. But we know it's happening. It's an inevitable certainty… But it will take time. That we must be patient for.

So when the World we know now runs outta surprises… The only way to go is up.

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