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The MH movie was pretty awesome

MonsterHunterWorld8 - The MH movie was pretty awesome

Now I didn't expect anything from this movie so I came out of the theater feeling pretty happy about the whole thing.

The black diablos was pretty fucking fearsome and huge (like very very huge) and I liked the fact that they kinda went through all stages of a classic MH hunt. Prep, hunting other monsters first, better gear and then HUNT.

The nerscylla was absolutely terrifying as well (I feel very sorry for any arachnophobe who thought this was going to be only stuff from MH world) and seeing small nerscylla spiders was kinda cool (I've only played gen and world/iceborne were there ever any small spider enemies?)

the egg scene was fucking brutal, like is there any ecology about those things planting eggs into live bodies? I know there are some insects that do stuff like that but damn dude, I was not expecting that.

Like the Diablos was fearsome as hell sure and the Rathalos as well but that Nerscylla was probably the freakiest and scariest monster in that movie and I'd love to hunt in a cave like the one we saw Artemis crawl out of. Like imagine carving dead bodies for egg sacs or random bones or whatever. Very grody. Like Having an arena under a wasteland area that's just webs everywhere and like "storage unit" web things and stuff. I know nerscylla has web places in gen but it was more like a "oh that's neat" than a "holy shit this thing owns this place and I'm in danger" kinda feel

now here are some small things

  • The Admiral using a weapon offended my very soul
  • The swaxe the Admiral uses is weird but I'd love to have a move where you'd expend all the gauge in your swaxe to make a shockwave with the phial associated damage/element/status
  • I want to fight in the area where they fought the rathalos
  • The monsters in the movie were oversized as hell
  • I know it looked cool but why did all the weapons in the end cutscene have lightning stuff
  • Did the movie just imply that the ancient civilization just got all its tech from modern earth?
    • are the materials in the MH world simply better and thus lead to the construction of all the stuff
    • I know this movie isn't canon but it's a pretty fun idea even though it's weird
  • Why did they have such an open ending? I mean, I wouldn't mind getting a sequel since this movie was pretty fun
  • Why did they use Gore magala as random bad monster at the end? Wasn't he dangerous enough to have almost an entire game revolve around him and him alone?
  • Post credits scene with shadowy dark figure is a cliché but I wonder where they'd go with it. Would he be like "I want the monsters to destroy the other world" or is he a "we can restore our world to the status of the ancient civilization with this portal……EQUAL DRAGON WEAPON
  • I love the Meowscular chef, even though he didn't have his deep as fuck meow and I really liked that they basically included a regular canteen cutscene in the movie. Pretty damn cool
  • Greatsword in this movie offended my sensibilities
  • Greatest disrespect in the movie was that they had the perfect and I mean PERFECT chance to go with the "SO TASTY" and MC lady went "that's so good"…..ARE YOU JOKING?! This one moment hurt my soul
  • I liked the fact that MC lady and Field team leader had this kinda buddy cop feel to them and I realized that Like were like 10 actors in the whole film which is kinda crazy
  • The handler in this movie looked cute as hell. Gimme a costume version based on the actress
  • Why was the serious handler annoying? Makes me want to lower the score

All in all I liked it and give it a 7/10. It's not groundbreaking but it seems to respect the source material well enough even though some parts are janky as fuck (I wanted that Switch axe to SWITCH GODDAMIT)

It's a fun movie, go see it if you're up for some fun action adventure movie stuff

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