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The missing monsters in MH Stories

MonsterHunterWorld1 - The missing monsters in MH Stories

I really enjoy MH Stories, the game is a fresh take on the MH universe IMO. However I can't help but wonder what monsters that arent' in the game would look like as Monsties…

First there aren't any good Water Monsties, and some of them could just really work in there.

I just wanted to give it a bit of thinking. Tell me what you think of it!

*Mizutsune* (Water/Tech) Rare 7

Atk 4, Def 4, HP 4, Spd 6

Ride: Jump

Mizutsune Gene: Aqua Slap (Water/Tech: Does water damage to a single ennemy)

Skills learned: -Bubble Foam (Water attack that slows down an ennemy)
-Evasive Stance
-Evasion (L)
-Water Boost (L)

Kinship: Bubble Explosion – Slips around the ennemies while engulfing them in a stream of bubbles before slashing with their claws, resulting in an explosion. Slows down the ennemies for 3 turns.

*Astalos* (Thunder/Speed) Rare 7

Atk 5, Def 3, HP 3, Spd

Ride: Fly
Astalos Gene: Electrified Impact (Thunder/Power)

Skills learned: -Thunder Blade (Does thunder damage to a single ennemy, low chance of Paralysis, and also raises attack)


-Thunder Boost (L)

-Paralysis Chaser (Tech)

Kinship: Storm Cleaver – Generates a huge blade of energy to deal heavy damage to an ennemy and cause Paralysis.

*Gammoth* (Ice/Power) Rare 7

Atk 5, Def 5, HP 5, Spd 3

Ride: Mega Breaker, Plant Search

Gammoth Gene: Ice Slammer (Ice/Power) – Deals heavy Ice damage to one ennemy.

Skills learned: -Spread Frost Breath

-Skillseal Crusher (Power)

-Ice Armor

-Ice Boost (L)

Kinship: Snow Breaker – Charges at the foes and tramples them, causing Skillseal.

*Chameleos* (none/Tech) Rare 9

Atk 4, Def 4, HP 5, Spd 4

Ride: Sneak

Chameleos Gene: Noxious Poison Gas (Dragon/Tech)

Skills learned: -Tongue Whip (Deals non-elemental damage to all ennemies)


-Mist Breath (High chance of inflicting Blind to all ennemies)

-All Status Rate + (L)

Kinship: Stealth Strike – Conceals yourself in mist and disorient foes before striking. Causes Noxious Poison.

*Gore Magala* (None/Power) Rare 8

Atk 5, Def 4, HP 4, Spd 5

Ride: Fly

Gore Magala Gene: Frenzy Shot (Dragon/Power) – Deals Dragon damage to a single foe and chance to cause Frenzy Blight (Causes damage after 2 turns if enough damage is inflicted)

Skills learned: – Frenzy Mode (raises Attack and normal attacks gain Frenzy Blight affliction, but reduces defense)

-Anti Blind

-Frenzy Breath (Deals Dragon damage to all ellemies, chance to cause frenzy)

-Frenzy Chaser (Power) -Non elem-damage, High damage to Frenzied foes.

Kinship: Dark Void – Engulfs foes into a pool of Frenzy breath that detonates. Causes Frenzy.

*Legiana* (Ice/Speed) Rare 7

Atk 4, Def 4, Def 5, Spd 5

Ride: Fly

Legiana Gene: Skillseal Rate + (L) (Ice/Speed)

Skills learned: -Diamond Dust (Deals Ice damage to all ennemies and slows them down)

-Aerial Kick

-Absolute Zero

-Icicle Fang (Speed/Ice)

Kinship: Acrobatic Cyclone – Flies around ennemies while scattering icy dust then whips up a storm to sweep them away.

*Odogaron* (No Element/Speed) Rare 7

Atk 5, Def 3, HP 3, Spd 7

Ride: Jump

Odogaron Gene: Bleedrate + (L)

Skills learned: – Bleed Chaser (Tech)

-Pump Up

-Salt in the Wound

-Razor Claws (Speed) – Deals non elemental damage to 1 foe, high chance to cause Bleed.

Kinship: Savage Claws – Goes berzerk and wildly slashes 1 foe. Causes Bleed.

*Seltas Queen* (Water/Power) Rare 6

Atk 4, Def 5, HP 5, Spd 3

Ride: Dig, Bug Search

Seltas Queen Gene: Charged Water Cannon ( Charges on turn 1 then deals heavy water damage to all ennemies)

Learned Skills: -Crusher Claw (Power) – Deals non-elemental damage to 1 foes, chance to reduce their defense.


-Pheromone Gas (Deals non-elemental damage to all foes and chance to inflict Stench)

-Water Charge (Raises accuracy and Water atk for 3 turns)

-Order cost down (M)

Kinship: Hyper Beetle Cannon – Calls a Seltas and fires it at super high speed at the Rider's command. Pierces all ennemies to ignore defense.

*Najarala* (No Elem/Tech) Rare 5

Atk 3, Def 2, HP 4, Spd 5

Ride: Dig, Roar

Najarala Gene: Paralysis Chaser (Tech)

learned Skills: -Savage Roar

-Paralysis Fang (Speed)

-Detonating Scales – Places scales around the ennemy team. They explode and deal damage whenever a Sound-based action is issued (roars, sonic bombs, HH songs)

-Ground Thrust

Kinship: Explosive Sound Blast – Blasts the foes with a resounding sonic wave that causes multiple scale explosions.

*Tetsucabra* (No Elem/Power) Rare 4

Atk 4, Def 2, HP 3, Spd 4

Ride: Ore Search, Rock Breaker

Tetsucabra Gene: Taunt (No-Elem/No Type) – Raises Defense for 1 turn and draws ennemy attacks towards user.

Learned Skills: – Power Combo

-Defense Down Spit – Deals water damage to 1 ennemy, chance to cause Stench

-Boulder Toss


Kinship: Moutain Lifter – Lifts an enormous rock above head before slamming it on the ennemies in a supplex attack.

*Gigginox* (No Elem/Tech) Rare 5

Atk 3, Def 3, HP 4, Spd 5

Ride: Ivy Climb

Gigginox Gene:

Learned Skills -Noxious Poison Gas

-Belly Flop (Tech) – Deals non-elemental damage to 1 ennemy

-Noxious Poison Chaser


Kinship: Giggi Infestation – Lays numerous eggs that hatch to overwhelm the ennemy before finishing them off with a globe spit from above. Causes Poison.

*Gobul* (Water/Tech) Rare 5

Atk 2, Def 4, HP 4, Spd 4

Ride: Swim

Gobul Gene: Gluttony

Learned Skills: – Flash

-Gobul Barrel (deals non-elem damage to all ennemies, low chance to Paralysis)

-Ambush Stance (Evades all attacks for 1 turn and counterattacks each time an attack misses it.)

-Power Res (M)

Kinship: Siphon Vortex – Blinds ennemies before sucking them in with a big vortex of water. Blinds ennemies.

*Duramboros* (No Elem/Power) Rare 7

Atk 5, Def 4, HP 5, Spd 4

Ride: Mega Breaker, Plant Search

Duramboros Gene: Potential (No-Elem/Power)

Learned skills: -Great Tackle

-Tail Slam

-Pump Up

-Power Boost (L)

Kinship: Spinning Impact – Spins at vertiginous speeds before sending a shockwave towards all foes.

*Bazelgeuse* (Fire/Power) Rare 9

Atk 5, Def 4, HP 5, Spd 5

Ride: Fly

Bazelgeuse Gene: Blast Breath (Fire/Power) – Deals Fire Damage to all ennemies, high chance of inflicting Blastblight.

Learned Skills: -Scatter Bombs (scatters bombs around the target that explode after 2 turns, causing heavy fire damage)

-Detonating Strike

-Deafening Roar

-Blast Chaser

Kinship: Air Raid – Takes off and rains an explosive hell down onto the ennemies, causing Blastblight.

*Valstrax* (Dragon/Speed) Rare 9

Atk 5, Def 4, HP 5, Spd 6

Ride: Super Dash (a faster version of Dash, however turning is impossible)

Valstrax Gene: Turbo (Dragon/Speed) – Raises Speed when HP is under 50%.

Learned Skills: – Dragon Missile (Deals Dragon damage to an ennemy 3 times)

-Elder Crusher (Power/Dragon) Deals Dragon damage to an ennemy.

-Dragon Aura

-Jet Tackle – Deals Non-Elemental damage to an ennemy. Action speed +4

Kinship: Mach Collider – Flies at high speed around the world before crashing down onto the ennemy with catastrophic power.

Tell me what you think or if you have other ideas! I know for example that the Lucent Nargacuga isn't there to be the counterpart of Molten Tigrex.


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