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So, first off I'm a MH vet, played since the first and consider it my favourite gaming franchise. I don't think the movie will be that bad, actually I'm quite excited. It's going to be an hour or two of mindless action fun. Do I wish they went for a better plot, obviously, but Jesus people need to calm down about the movie itself. As someone who quite likes the RE movies (yes I've played the games, I'm a RE fan too) I enjoy them for being stupid action movies. Maybe I'm biased, maybe I'm the moron the movies are made for, but sometimes you don't need a high art thought provoking movie. It'll be a turn your brain off and just enjoy it for what it is, cause we're never going to get a faithful adaption. Anderson knows how to make a box office hit, Capcom have faith he'll do just that and make them both pockets full of cash. It is what it is, unless someone can convince Anderson to change the plot, it's happening like this.


What I really am worried about, and what nobody is talking about that I've noticed is the impact RE movies had on the games. RE went from survival horror to action after the first movie released and made shit tons of money. I'm concerned that maybe, just maybe that the MH movie will effect future titles (in a bad way) when the movie becomes another box office hit.

Tl;dr movie will be a bit of mindless shit fun, lets all hope it doesn't effect future titles after it's released.

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