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The Ancient Civilization

The civilization was far more advanced than any known civilizations today. A part of the Ancient Civilization were humans along with other races that had thrived in this advance society. Throughout the many lands are ruins which were left behind by the Ancient Civilization, showing that, at their time, they were widespread across the lands of many regions such as the Ancestral Steppe, Jungle, Flooded Forest, and Everwood.

Relationship With Monsters

The Ancient Civilization was well-known for using monsters for various reasons. They primarily used species, such as Flying Wyverns and Elder Dragons, for their own uses like experiments or for building their giant towers. These towers were made from parts of certain monsters like Kushala Daora, though at the cost of killing a large number of them. The Ancient Civilization also trained some monsters, in a number of ways, in order to act as protectors for some structures they built. Though most monsters were treated like slaves or guards, some monsters were treated equally as well as the Ancient Civilization's society.

The Forbidden Act

One dark part of the Ancient Civilization's history is The Forbidden Act they committed that went against nature. By using both technology and biology, this society was able create their own lifeforms by using equipment and materials to build them from scratch. However, this experiment was considered very evil due to one reason: In order to make a new life form, another creature would have to lose its life.

The first new life form they ever made was the Equal Dragon Weapon, a bio weapon. This life form required about thirty horses worth of dragons, meaning hundreds of dragons were needed to make only one Equal Dragon Weapon. Also, the more blood this titan shed, the longer it would live.


Great Dragon War

Due to the Ancient Civilization's lifeforms requiring the death of a massive number of dragons, it angered all the other dragons which inevitably led to a terrible war. The dragons were sick of their kind being used by humanity as cattle and were angered by the fact that humans had forgotten the rules of nature. They had decided to break away from humans and destroy humanity itself. This began a long, violent war between humanity and dragons that spread worldwide, leaving behind mass destruction just about everywhere.

The Perfect Enemy For Humanity

During the Great Dragon War, a Perfect Enemy for Humanity existed. An Elder Dragon known as as Fatalis. Fatalis was said to have a strong hatred against humanity, and even continues to remember the past of its brethren, including other Elder Dragons and even Flying Wyverns, being killed in great numbers by the Ancient Civilization. It was the perfect enemy for humanity due to its immense power. In a short period of time, without any warning, Fatalis could bring mass destruction to any civilizations it wanted to destroy, such as Schrade Kingdom. If this wasn't enough, Fatalis would also copy the Ancient Civilization's inventions for the monsters' own use, though instead of dragons Fatalis used humans. Fatalis would melt the bodies of fallen humans, and hunters, onto its body so it could wear them like they wore its brethren.

This war ended with most of the dragons extinct and with the Ancient Civilization gone for good.

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