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The Problem with Multiplayer + Story and Advice from a Veteran

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Hey guys just wanted to discus the issue with multiplayer and maybe what you can do to make your play sessions with friends more bearable and less cumbersome.

First let’s discuss what the issue is

There are many players who desire to play through the story together with a friend. The problem is that you have to watch a cutscene first then send up a flare and the person can join you. The catch is you have to do this for every story mission which becomes very repetitive and annoying. If you sort this subreddit to NEW you’ll see how many people are asking about multiplayer and some saying this is the worst multiplayer experience they have ever seen

Why does this problem exists

To us veterans we have never had this problem. In every game prior we were forced to play through the story alone. There was no way to let a friend join in. Capcom decided to break the mold and allow coop in the story.

I believe however, their intention is not for everyone to do the entire story with a partner, but rather use the drop in and out mechanic as a way to help those who are struggling in the story: I think Capcom wants the story to still be a single player experience with help from a player, if needed.

The reason I think that is multiplayer from there is pretty easy, you go to the hub, place a quest on the board and those in that area decide whether or not they want to go into your quest. The multiplayer is easy and simple, but the story is just ridiculous. In my opinion

What to do to fix it

My advice for some of the new players is to try to do the story solo. There are so many quest to do outside of the story quest where you and your friends can have fun and hunt all the monster without having to worry about: watching a cutscene, sending up a flare, beating the monster, watching a cutscene and repeating that process throughout the story that is about 40-50 hours approximately.


It sucks but that’s my advice. There are some benefits to that however.

  1. You’ll learn the monster for yourself
  2. You’ll be able to complete the story faster
  3. “More pride and accomplishment” – EA
  4. You’ll grow more as a hunter if you know how to take down a monster alone.
  5. You can still play the story missions after they have been beaten by posting them in the quest board in the hub. There aren’t any cutscenes once the quests have been beaten

Capcom has done very well with the release of World, but this in my opinion should have never been a problem. I wish they would have allowed the story to run through like Destiny: allowing the players to remain together throughout the story, but still making your character the “star” of all the cutscenes.

That’s all folks happy hunting

TLDR: Play the story solo, play the rest with friends

Edit: just so you guys know, I’m against what capcom did with this story mode coop play. I’m not defending it at all. I tried to make that noticeable in my post. Some of you guys think I’m defending them, nah bro. This idea was a bad one and they should fix it. But what you can do in the mean time is take my advice and…

  1. Play solo through the story line you would in the previous games when they were separated by single and multiplayer

  2. Play through the rest of the content, which is much bulkier than the story, with you squad.

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