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The real Hunting Horn support build Feat. Queen Fashion Horn

MonsterHunterWorld4 - The real Hunting Horn support build Feat. Queen Fashion Horn

Hey guys, I come to you today with a hunting horn support build.

Before beginning we need to clarify a Brief Disclaimer

Hunting Horn IS a support weapon, but not in the way you might think. Contrary to popular belief, hunting horn has very bad sinergy with wide range, which should be used primarily with SnS, due to being able to use items with your weapon unsheathed. Using wide range items with hunting horn would require you to only play songs on the side of the battle without hitting the monster very often, which would be a terrible waste considering how much raw, stun and exhaust damage HH deals.

Fun fact: hunting horn is not nearly at the bottom of the DpS weapons list, even when playing solo.

So, what are we gonna do now?

Idea behind the build

The main focus of the build is boosting defense and damage of bows and DBs with your songs, and the damage of your whole party with paralysis attack 3 and slugger 3.

It's not meant to be used solo because you sacrifice damage for more monster down time, the only case I'd use it solo is against the 2 diabloses, against whom it's very strong.

The weapon

Queen Vespoid Horn : 2 small deco slots, 672 base damage, no affinity, 300 paralysis.

With an affinity augment, atkUp 4, WeaknessExploit and Max Might you reach 95% affinity and have a good amount of white sharpness without handicraft. Paired with attack boost 4, self improvement and the two statuses you inflict, the damage is not crazy but at least respectable (nowhere near the 900 damage recital+encore of Deep Vero with max affinity and attack boost).

Song list:

Self improvement: you obviously want to always have this up. Gives you (and only you) increased movement speed, mind's eye and +15% attack.

Stamina use reduced L: Very good buff if you have bow/DB users in your party, if you don't it still helps get Maximum Might online faster but that's not really that great.

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Ice res boost: very good if you have trouble against Legiana. So yeah it's garbage.

Defense Boost L: Very strong, becomes XL with the encore. This is one of the best HH buffs, you could argue that if you're really good you never get hit, in which case give me a call when you stop lying to yourself. Especially good considering:

1 – This build doesn't have health/def boost skill.

2- Your allies might not even know you can have more than 150 health.

All wind pressure negated: Very strong against Kushala Daora, against whom you'll never use this horn.

Armor set

Now, there are different sets I came up with based on a couple things.

1)Best Set

Nerg helm A

Diablos chest B

Kaiser vambraces A

Nerg coil B

Diablos greaves A

Immobilize charm III

Decos: 1 attack, 1 sonorous, 1 tenderizer, 1 mighty.

The skills you get are: AtkBst4, MaxMight, paraAtk3, slugger3, tremorRes2, HornMaestro, the Diablos two-piece bonus.

2) Fashion set.

This set requires 3 para jewels, which for some reason are pretty rare, but with the brigade lobos + Queen Vespoid Horn combo you'll have all them chicks asking for your number.

Brigade Lobos A

Dober mail B

Kaiser vambraces A

Nerg coil B

Nerg greaves B

KO charm III

Decos: 2 mighty jewels, 3 paralyze jewels, 1 tenderizer.

The skills you get are the same as the other one, except for recSpd 2 instead of tremor resistance and not getting the Diablos 2 piece bonus.

You could swap the brigade lobos for any other headpiece with at least 1 deco slot for sonorous jewel if you don't care about style/recSpeed. Strategist spectacles give you 100% affinity, nerg helm B, rath B, rath soul B etc.

So that's pretty much it, the build is obviously not the strongest ever, but it's very good and very fun to play.

I'm open to suggestions for the build, threats to my life and insults, if you have any.

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Either way, happy hunting!


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