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The Regen Artillery Heavy Bowgun Build… For Those “Sticky” Situations

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If Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak has taught us anything, it's that extra survivability and a more careful approach against the unknown goes a long way in saving time with any new hunts. Gear won't replace skill or player intuition, entirely, but preparedness is always the right approach from what I've learned from this game as a Monster Hunter newcomer.

Might be over-prepared? Big woop. It's not worth the carts (or the time wasted) for many of us to underestimate anything Capcom can AND will throw our way. You can always adjust to a more damage-heavy build if that seems to be the case. But for those times you just wanted to be a little careful while still being able to deal out strong damage, I've got the right build for you.

Vaal seems to be knocking many of us on our asses, but not your humble original poster. I SAW this coming, and not only did I see it coming, but I called it on my previous Anti-Vaal Hazak HBG for preparedness thread which you can totally use for this guy over the next two weeks.

(It's okay, guys. Relax. We have fun here.)

So here it is… My new and improved Regen "Sticky" Artillery HBG build for endgamers that could totally be an effective safety precaution for your team or solo hunting arsenal, for use outside of Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak… for Behemoth and BEYOND!

Currently optimized as of 6/22, it's a HBG sticky/cluster/wyvern-status-support set.

In a nutshell: Made for keeping the hunter alive with Super Recovery and Health Regen with boosted health regeneration from Recovery Up and Recovery Speed. Extra DPS via Peak Performance is maintained by the armor set actively and passively recovering the hunter back to full health. Paralysis and sleep, plus near constant stun damage, allows your hunter to wallop on the hunted with some teamwork or a timely-placed Cluster barrage and Wyvern shot. Evade Extender 3 will even keep you from getting hit in the first place.

Magda Gemitus 2 – Flawless Jewel

(Attack, Health Regen)

(Recoil x2, Shield Mod)

Empress Crown A – Release, Artillery Jewel

Kirin Jacket Y – Artillery x2 Jewel

Vaal Hazak Braces B – Medicine x3 Jewel

Vaal Hazak Coil Y – Jumping, Vitality x2 Jewel

Vaal Hazak Greaves Y – Up to Level 3 Slot of your choice, Vitality Jewel


KO Charm 3

Recommended Equipment: Vitality or Temporal, or anything else appropriate to situation.

Adjust Radial Wheel to that of a typical Sticky/Cluster build.

Set can be compatible with the Dark Devourer if you want more raw damage and Wyvernheart, with the sacrifice of a single extra Jewel 3 slot that's unneeded for the skills above.

Extra Notes:

This set unintentionally came with Tool Specialist 1 and Recovery Speed 3(!). You'd think RS would've been intentional considering the "theme" here, but it wasn't. Dragon Attack 1 will buff up your dragon ammo, but this is the least substantial happy accidental improvement to the build.

You can swap out the Medicine jewels for status attacks, resistances, attack up or Divine Protection.

The situational defensive ability Guard Up, or a point into a raw damage skill such as Resentment or Agitator, fit nicely into that extra Jewel 3 slot when needed and can be swapped out, effortlessly. Totally up to you.

End notes:

As you can see, I've focused on adaptability with what I consider my current "main" multi-purpose armor set.

Utility. Survivability. Maneuverability. Cooperability. Combustibility. DAMAGE, baby, DAMAGE!

Now, I know that AT-Vaal Hazak isn't particularly tough for some of us who are now experienced, but it WAS formidable in a team setting. Personally, I think he's easier solo than the lot of us are making him out to be. But the whole point of making this build is to be prepared on a future hunt-to-hunt basis with your friends or for your own sake. I think some of us underestimated Vaal this week. So, this is for those players like me that have all the jewels they need to make this work and just want to pop online every couple weeks to get the whatever new gear and experiences this grand, beautiful game has to offer. Either way, let's not be too hard on each other for trying to be a little extra precautious, okay? It's gonna get tougher in more ways than just padding, I can only hope, and it has to for the game to survive and keep its integrity as we move into every new generation of Monster Hunter that comes for the masses. Capcom knows this. And now with this build, you won't have to sacrifice anything.

Happy hunting.

~ Jitsu G

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