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The Solo Hunter’s Guide to Obtaining Kulve Taroth Armour

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The Kulve Taroth siege quest is designed primarily for multiplayer fun, but if you're not paying for the respective consoles' online services, you might find yourself wondering if you'll be able to reap the rewards in solo play anyway. Well, at least for the Kulve Taroth armour sets (which are great, so you should want them), the answer is yes! …With considerable time investment and effort.

But I've done exactly that, and I'm here to tell you how.

My first piece of advice is: DON'T. If you can help it at all, don't do this to yourself. While money can be a concern, in the time you're gonna spend on this, you could probably make enough money at a part-time job to fund a month of online. Playing online is both more fun, and much faster, than going alone, and you'll be able to farm for relic weapons too.

But maybe there are other factors at play, or maybe you're an obstinate little shit like me. Well, the good news is that there's a way to make the grind "only" take you the better part of your day off.

The bad news is that if you're looking to grind relic weapons, this method doesn't work. You'll need to get online if you don't want to waste your life. No way around it.


The Goal

This guide is a walkthrough to farming the Kulve Taroth materials required to make all pieces of both the Alpha and Beta Kulve Taroth sets. In total, you will need:

  • Kulve Taroth Golden Scale x120

  • Kulve Taroth Golden Nugget x72

  • Kulve Taroth Golden Shell x42

  • Kulve Taroth Golden Tailshell x28

  • Kulve Taroth Golden Spiralhorn x24

  • Kulve Taroth Golden Glimstone x4


You'll also need a few other elder dragons' gems, but that's not covered here. Despite those horrifying numbers, the only difficult parts are actually the tailshells and glimstones – unless you get seriously lucky with those, once you've collected them, you should have everything else you need.

How will you achieve this? The task is simple, if tedious: get a siege quest to pursuit level 6, then farm carves from the gold horn plating without completing the siege. This way, you don't have to continuously go through the relatively worthless grind of the first few pursuit levels more than once.



You will need:

  • Dedicated armour set

  • Carve farming set

  • Suitable Palico set

  • A block of unbroken free time of at least six hours, preferably more to provide RNG buffer

  • Patience


Your dedicated Kulve Taroth set will vary depending on the weapon you use, of course. Forget fashion here – you want to cram a good number of damage boosting skills on here, as well as Partbreaker level 3. Try to achieve a good level of defense as well, though, because Kulve hits pretty hard.

You'll also want a carve farming set, which requires four pieces from the Commission armour set. This gives the Carving Master skill, granting you a guaranteed extra carve. You should also still take Partbreaker level 3, along with whatever else you can jam in there. You won't be fighting Kulve for long in this set, so moderate survivability is all it needs.

You should kit out your Palico in gear that will help you out, too. This basically amounts to giving them either the sleep or paralysis weapon. Sleep gives you a good opening to use bombs, but Kulve wakes up quickly, and the Gajalakas can screw you over by stealing your wakeup hit. Paralysis is more consistent, but you won't get a wakeup damage boost. Assuming your Palico is max-level, you should get one proc of your desired status per quest. Give your Palico the Plunderblade gadget, as it'll increase your material farming efficiency over time.

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Now you're all set… but make sure you have enough uninterrupted game time set aside, because closing your lobby will end the siege, and you'll have to start from scratch the next time. You want a solid weekend or day off for this, because you'll be playing for many hours.


The Initial Grind

Your initial goal is to raise the pursuit level of the siege as quickly as possible. However, since you need to chase Kulve into the successive areas in order to extend your track-gathering time, you'll still have to attack her. Basically, you'll be following these rules, in roughly this order of importance:

  • Pick up all tracks religiously. Backtrack if you need to, and don't leave areas 2 and 3 without grabbing all the tracks first.

  • Pick up all shinies religiously. These will be your main source of the basic materials you need, but you can also get tailshells, and (reportedly, though I didn't see a single one in my runs) glimstones.

  • Attack Kulve Taroth in between doing the above two things. Use all the boulder arches that she passes in area 1. Mounts in area 2. Boulder drops in area 3. Target the head until the horn plating drops for the carves, then just work on breaking parts that you haven't yet broken for the reward points. There's no real pressure beyond pushing Kulve to the next area, so don't stress about breaking everything in a single run.

By pursuit level 4 (if not 3), you should be able to get Kulve into area 4. At this point, target her tail exclusively. Once you break the tail, grab the shiny and hit Return from Quest. This is your most reliable method of getting tailshells, though this should be well supplemented by the sheer number of shinies you'll be collecting.

If you follow the above steps, especially collecting tracks, it should take about two runs on average to go up each pursuit level. Continue until you finally hit pursuit level 6.


The Carve Grind

Now that you're at pursuit level 6, check your item box for how many of each material you have. You should have an excess of scales, shells, and nuggets. You may have enough tailshells, or you might need more. Chances are you won't have enough glimstones, if any.

If you need more tailshells, do the whole run up to area 4 as per normal, breaking the tail and returning without completing the quest. On the bright side, you don't have to collect tracks anymore, so you can focus on the actual fight. Still go for the shinies, though, since you can get tailshells from them.

Once you've finished the tailshell requirements, things get easier. Change into your carving set and head out.

At pursuit level 6, Kulve barely spends any time at all in area 1. Sometimes, she'll just roar and head off, seemingly without you even doing any damage. You might take this opportunity to go collect the various endemic wildlife, or you can try to go for the horns, though she's likely to move on before you can break the plating.

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Once you hit area 2, you're good to go. Just score a mount, then wail on the horns until they break – a single knockdown should be more than enough for it at this point. Once the plating comes off, carve it (remembering that you have four carves, not three), then return from the quest.

It's now a simple matter of rinse-and-repeat until you've gotten all the glimstones you need. Depending on your luck, this could potentially take a very long time, so buckle up for a long slog.


The Payoff

Now that you've gotten everything you need, it's time to get serious. Change back into your Kulve fighting gear and stock up on everything you'll need, because it's time to punish this thing for eating up so many hours of your life.

By now, you should be an expert on fighting Kulve, so just do what you have to do. Use area 1 to collect Throwing Knives from the Gajalakas, and bring either Sleep Herbs or Parashrooms to combine them (use the status that your Palico isn't using). Try not to spam mounts in area 2; save them in case you need an opening in area 4. One mount to break the horn plating should be enough. As a solo player, the lava eruptions in area 3 are your best friends, so make sure you're fighting near one of them at all times. Ignore the tail in area 4; you have what you need from it.

Break the horns, claim your rewards (admire the few relic weapons you get; you aren't likely to see more), save, and go back to your life. Or, you know, get ready to farm Bushi tickets next.


I must reiterate that this is not a good idea. If you have the option of doing it multiplayer, don't do this. However, if circumstances have you stuck, take heart in knowing that you can still get most of the best rewards from this event.

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