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The solution to SOS, HR and bad players

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So I've been reading the discussions about Arch Tempered lately.

People calling for locking people out of these fights by gating quests like the HR50 quest an forcing players to solo it so as to not over saturate HR with bad players who have been carried.

I personally think this is a great idea – however that means that some of my friends wouldn't get to play the content with our group.

My one friend probably couldn't solo HR50 or HR100 but he runs a Horn or a Mushroom SNS and stays at a distance buffing because he knows he'll get wrecked.

It's pretty handy to have him honestly,

This got me thinking.

How can we have both systems? How can we prevent SOS from being over saturated with bad players and still keep friends together?


In FFXIV there is match making for the hardest level of raids in the game.

This matchmaking tool requires that you've completed the encounter prior.


We could have a similar system in MH where joining someone elses SOS requires you to have completed the encounter before.

However if you haven't completed it before you're still all welcome to post it on the board and join through the hub as you normally would with friends or a pre made group.

Makes sense right?

This even suites the entire idea of "SOS" even more.

A player who can't complete something solo, calling for the aid of those who are capable of helping.

This won't entirely eliminate carries but it will at minimum atleast cut the number of low skill players down in a given group by %75 on average

There would still be low skill people in SOS but I believe this would greatly lower that number and having 3 skilled people in a group and 1 unskilled person presents the perfect opportunity for someone to learn.

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