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The Tale of the Somnocanth

MonsterHunterWorld9 - The Tale of the Somnocanth

Gather 'round hunters as we tell the tale of the scaly devil of the waters said to appear only in the gentle glow of the moonlight.

Once upon an age, there used to be a lovely woman who lived in a hut near the the water's edge. While many women would gossip about her or call her a witch, the men were enamored by her beauty and grace.

Her long, flowing hair and her gentle, calming voice were two of her most charming features and men of great renown and status would often ask for her hand in marriage. But the woman would not receive their advances unless the moon would shine above. Many men came to her abode by the waters, but many of them would either disappear or fall into a slumber from which they could never wake from again. Even with so many warnings, the men would not believe such a gentle woman was capable of such feats.

One day, a dashing young lord sought to claim her as his wife and awaited for the next moonlit night to visit and give her his dowry. A young servant girl, who loved her lord and feared for his safety pleaded to a wizened old wizard to assist her. First, the wizard transformed her into a bird so she may fly by his side with ease, next. he gave her a small dagger tainted with poison that would transform anyone wounded by it into their heart's form.

On the night of their meeting, the servant girl flew to her master's side. Without knowing who she was, he welcomed the company on such a cold and lonely night. At the mysterious woman's home, she welcomed him in her sweetest voice, waving her flowing hair in the soft glow of the evening. She offered the young lord some shellfish she had caught to ease his hunger, but the servant girl's sharp eyes noticed a glint of mysterious poisons in the shells and scared the woman, who dropped the dish to the floor. Next she calmly sang to the lord in her softest lullaby, making him drowsy under the light of the hypnotic moon.


Once again, the sharp eyes of the servant girl caught the glimpse of a wicked, curved dagger in the woman's sleeves shining in the shadows. She aimed to stab the sleepy lord and have him for her supper! Quickly, her talons curved around the enchanted knife hidden in her down and wounded the evil woman's fair skin. She shrieked and cursed as her skin became rough and ugly scales while her soft hair became leathery fins. Horns that bore her past sins began to grow above her brow. She truly became a monster who deceived and preyed on men close to the waters.

The screams woke the lord just before he could truly fall to eternal slumber and he witnessed the horrifying creature the woman's true heart had turned her into. Brandishing his sword, he drove the monster to the murky riverside where she was never seen again. Transformed back to the servant girl, the lord realized her love and sought to make her his bride instead, so they lived happily ever after.

As for the evil woman, she made her home in the swampy waters, awaiting for the next moonlit night. Never learning her lesson, she still seeks to lull men to slumber so she can feast on their flesh.

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