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The thing I dislike about most of the elder dragons

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I love MHW. It's beautiful as hell, fun as shit to play and shows that the devs at capcom have poured some blood, sweat, tears and love into this game.

Still, no game is perfect. I think that the monsters are not too difficult and fun to fight against(except for you, lavasioth), but there is one gripe with a specific aspect of the elderdragons: Their auras

I don't think that they're an unfair game mechanic. Neither do I think that it is completely dumb game design. I just that it is overused.

Nergigante is my favourite elder to fight. The fight is just me and my gear versus nerg and his spiky bodyparts. No auras. Nothing.

On the other hand I don't want to see the complete removal of auras. I think that they even make sense in some cases. Vaal hazak's cancer-gas and kirin's thunder armor are good examples. On the other hand giving Teostra and Lunastra glowing enlarged manes/longer claws + some movement/damage buffs or something similar would've made more sense than damage-auras(imo).


I know that some of them like Teo, Luna and Kushala are old monsters and are thus hard/impossible to change so dramatically. I just hope that future elder dragons will have more varied elder-effects(or whateverthefu*k you call them).

Also if some mh veteran has a lore explanation that makes my post a complete waste, or a counter-argument(or maybe just a reason why my opinion is complete shit), please leave a comment.

tl;dr: I hope the future elder dragons will have more varied elder-stuff than just slightly different auras

Ps: thanks for the damn good game Capcom

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