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The Ultimate Damage Build – Switch Axe

MonsterHunterWorld3 - The Ultimate Damage Build - Switch Axe

Hello fellow hunters,

I think I have found the true meta build and strategy for the Switch Axe and probably any other weapon types with an Acidic Glavenus tree.

The base of the build has a higher damage value of 70 points in EFR than the current meta Gold Rathian build (the optimal setup circa 93 EFR). Also it solves the problem of Acidic Weapons and it's innate bad sharpness management by granting Handicraft 5 and Razor Sharp. Furthermore it utilizes and relies on mantles and their decoration slots (Thanks
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JinJinx and Tuna).

As my build is a meta set it requires many of the highest rarity decos.

The Build:

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yaia1tldepu31 - The Ultimate Damage Build - Switch Axe

?1425,119,216,230,226,244,105,att:2 att:6;aff:0;elem:0;def:0,0,0,159,0,0,16,90,0,161,30,0,158,44,0,159,26,5,161,16,16,1:11:3:13:5:351:157 - The Ultimate Damage Build - Switch Axe,119,216,230,226,244,105,att:2-att:6;aff:0;elem:0;def:0,0,0,159,0,0,16,90,0,161,30,0,158,44,0,159,26,5,161,16,16,1:11:3:13:5:351:157

The strategy:

For this build to function properly you have to use the mantles. After the first contact (ideally a clutch claw soften>trip) you put on the Fire/Thunder Proof mantle, which grants Agitator 5+ and Attack 4+ ( and a total Affinity of 100%). After the mantle has weared down (or even before), you put on the Glider Mantle . This grant you Attack Boost 5+, again Agitator 5+ and Tool Specialist 1. The Tool Specialist 1 grants you 21 seconds earlier use of the Element Proof Mantle. Basically this allows you to utilize the positive effects and skills of each respective mantle the entire time.


The benefits:

This build gives you the maximum possible offensive skills for the Acidic Weapons, while also granting maximum handicraft with Razor Sharp. Razor Sharp is essential as otherwise the tiny bar of purple sharpness would wear down to fast since "SA like LS/IG is a weapon that swings wide and therefore is very susceptible to accidentally hitting another part other than a weak spot" (Thanks

Important Remarks:

  • The Poison Element of the meta Gold Rathian build in consideration of JinJinx and Tuna's poison video suggest an EFR of 12,29 to reach the same damage as the poison ticks (3-star poison weakness!). But in this set-up my build only has a higher EFR of 10.6 %. So the meta poison build should theoretically be better on 3-star poison weak monsters. (

  • Food buffs, Sword Mode and Amped State are active to provide a comparison to the Iceborne Meta post (
  • The Affinity Songs are activated to simulate the 100% affinity you will actually have on enraged monsters in-game.

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