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The WS Anderson Plot for Synopsis is so bad, I could write a better one in only 15 minutes (and I did)

img intro02 1024x503 - The WS Anderson Plot for Synopsis is so bad, I could write a better one in only 15 minutes (and I did)

(Movie Starts out with a hunt)

– Start with a easy-medium monster, like Great Jagras (MH4U version). Just something with horns/claws

– Action scene ends with Monster practically beaten, but Rathalos interrupting and snatching away the target

– Hunter (MC) is slightly irritated, but picks up broken off Horn/claw from monster before gazing out over the landscape

(Landscape shots of the world, like from the opening intro of MH1 or MH3)

– get shots of numerous monsters, like herds of Aptonoth, maybe a Zinogre, cut underwater for a shot of Lagiacrus

– leads to panning shot of the Hunter's Guild outpost

(Shots of Hunter's hub. Other hunters prepping for their hunts, and others showing off their new gear)

The MC is a relatively new hunter, who is just getting a promotion (uses sword and shield since it is the most basic weapon, will change later)

MC is promoted to (let's say high rank just for in game comparison)

Assigned a handler (no not like THE Handler) to oversee his transition to more dangerous hunts. Enter the mentor/grizzled hunter figure (here is our GS user)

(Insert conflict between hothead/mentor characters before eventually liking each other later clichés. -_-)

Mentor takes MC out for a more experienced level hunt to ease him into High rank

– like it to be a more beautiful monster than a dangerous one, say like Malfestio

– quest isn't to kill the monster specifically, but just need specific part (like say the guild wants more Malfestio feathers for research)

– while on hunt, hothead is excited to hunt the monster, but once they find the monster, the mentor is more than fine with just letting the monster go

– appreciates the beauty of some monsters, and does not want to take more action than necessary

Mentor traps the Malfestio and simply pulls out a few feathers, before freeing it and letting it go.


Hothead wants to charge in, but is interrupted as Rathalos swoops in again and kills the Malfestio.

(Middle Action Piece)

– Mentor warns the MC how he is not prepared to deal with a Rathalos

– hothead charges in, but his sword simply bounces off the Rathalos's scales

– began big chase scene through the jungle as Rathalos chases after him, away from the mentor (similar to the MHWorld test footage)

Chase leads to ruined buildings, in a more dead zone. The Rathalos backs off as the hunter runs inside, surprising the hunter.

Hunter explores the ruins and perplexed why the Rathalos backed off. Give backstory/lore through the environment.

Finally, the mentor catches up the hunter and explains why the area feels so unnatural. (Yes, it is the Fatalis kingdom) Describes how their is a monster that inhabits the area whose very presence scares off the other monsters.

As they are heading back, they are disturbed by massive tremors as they discover the Lao-Shan Lung, which is heading towards the guild/castle. (Detail of how Lao-Shan is discovered can be changed)

(Climax of the movie is the Lao-Shan Lung Siege)

– mentor maybe gets slightly injured, so he sticks by the final wall to use the dragonator

– so MC gets to use mentor's GS

– fight, fight, fight

– Lao Shan Lung is repelled. MC has a chance to finish off Lao after being hit by the dragonator, but takes the mentor's lesson from earlier to heart and lets it go.

Movie ends with hint of Fatalis chasing Lao (got to make that sequel money)

There. That took me 15 minutes, and is immediately better than whatever the hell that synopsis was supposed to be. Mr. Anderson, you are free to take this (by god, please do. Parallel worlds…really? What are you, a 12 year old?)

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