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The Wyvern Ignition has made me a Greatsword main

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Little backstory. I've played Chargeblade since I started world (which is also my first Monster Hunter game). I love it and it's still one of my favorite weapons, but as I got farther and farther and eventually made it to high rank which I"m slowly working my way through, it seemed like I was having a harder and harder time clearing hunts with chargeblade till I was considering a backup weapon to freshen things up. Then the Jho update came out and I saw all his weapons and that was kinda the start of my switch. The Jho Greatsword looked awesome and I was willing to grind for the materials, but Jho's still a difficult hunt for me currently, so I passed and decided to stick with chargeblade. Then the Spring Festival and the Wyvern ignition came and I had to have it. I was a bit nervous cause I tried Greatsword in the beta and didn't like how it felt so I thought it would be a weapon I'd get and never use and continue searching for a backup. But once I got the Wyvern Ignition and messed with it a bit, I was in love. After upgrading it I immediately looked up a greatsword tutorial, built the Jagras Greatsword and I don't think I can go back. This weapon is too fun. I just seem to clear quests so much quicker with greatsword then I did with chargeblade and hitting those big damage numbers is so satisfying. So after almost 200 hours in this game, I've been converted and don't plan on going back.


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