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[Theory] Gobuls could be the descendant of the Ancient Serpent.

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Before I start this off I would like to say that this is all wild speculation. But I was browsing through some of the monster pages and lore on the wiki and found something interesting.

In the ecological niche for the Abyssal Lagiacrus it says ''The only known monsters that could potentially be a threat to this monster is an adult Gobul, Ceadeus, Goldbeard Ceadeus, Nakarkos, and Ancient Serpent.'' This got me interested because the only Gobul you ever fight in the game are young, or at the very least not adults. Adult Gobul move to the deep ocean where they will spend the rest of their years. The Ancient Serpent is said to be living in the deep sea as well, here's the information we got on it.

''The Ancient Serpent is a giant Piscine Wyvern that lived in ancient times. Though rarely seen, this species continues to thrive today. Unlike other Piscine Wyverns, this monster's legs and wings have degenerated overtime, only leaving small remnants of those parts behind. Though this monster is rare, it is requested by the Hunter's Guild to slay the Ancient Serpent on sight. This is due to it being quite destructive for settlements in the sea, leading to it being considered an Elder Dragon-Level Monster by the Guild.''


This is what the Ancient Serpent supposedly looks like (bottom right):

What strikes me as odd is that the Ancient Serpent is still considered a Piscine Wyvern even though it has lost any semblance of being a Piscine Wyvern. In addition, Gobul is classified as a Leviathan. But at the same time they do share some similarities, the Ancient Serpent seems to be based on a Viperfish and the Gobul seems to be based on an Anglerfish/Lophius, however we don't know what an adult looks like. Both of those fish are still in the same class of Actinopterygii. Is there any chance that an adult Gobul is actually the Ancient Serpent, or at least the descendant of the Ancient Serpent?

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