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[THEORY] Monster Hunter World PC release date speculation

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I think I know why a Monster Hunter World PC release date hasn't been released. I'm not sure if this has been speculated on before, but I think the release date will be announced in the two weeks following the release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

I think announcing a release would drastically impact Capcom's day one MHGU sales for all the people that are holding out to buy MHW until PC release. I myself will be buying MHGU because I want a big screen monster hunter experience without resorting to playing MHW on a console, which is technically inferior to the upcoming PC release.

With MHGU being a Switch exclusive, they don't face the same potential of players holding off for a PC version of MHGU, unlike what has happened with MHW. I know I am not alone in wanting to experience MHW on PC and am willing to wait for it. I am probably also not alone in wanting a big screen monster hunting experience as soon as I can. But with no specific release date for MHW, I will take what I can get if MHGU is the only guaranteed release on the horizon.


If, ahead of the release of MHGU, they release a date for MHW PC that is within a month or two of MHGU's release date, many people (myself included) will likely wait the extra time for the modern AAA MHW. That being said, I think the release will be within two months of MHGU's release.

tl;dr I'm calling it now: MHW release date will be announced within the two weeks following the MHGU release on August 28th. My crystal ball is telling me that Gamescom will not deliver a release date

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