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Theory on future DLC monsters.

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Theory on future DLC monsters.

This is just a theory with a pinch of history from previous MH games, from MH1 onwards. Also based on the fact they are adding another Returning Monster, it would have to be around the same threat level as Kulve, Safi and Alatereon, to go lower would be pointless.

So as we know in Iceborne Secluded valley seems to be the Ingle Isle of this game (Big boss area)

We have fought Safi and Alatreon there, both were amazing fights and i very much enjoyed them, now, since we have reached our peak, Alatreon, besides the Fatalis is usually the big bad, so unless we get a completly new big bad, we are at our peak, Iceborne story continues through the DLC's with the subject of Balance in the ecosystem, with the latest warning being, what will come to balance you.

So let's look at the Secluded Valley, if there is to be no other big bad fight area (Assuming) it's underground and not very large or open, this cuts off Amatsu, another one of the big bads, she needs to be in the open sky with access to wind and rain. Now for this next part, it's a stretch, but, Capcom seems to love continuing the effects of previous fights into future fights, so, Alatreon wields both Fire and Ice modes, when we see him enter these modes, the area becomes attuned to that element too, the outline is on fire and burning for fire, and frozen cold with ice, meaning, certain fights could happen depending on what element Alatreon died in…so, looking at this, Akantor and Ukanlos "could" be possible, but personally the area seems too small for them when compared to their size and their own areas, Ingle isle/Polar Field, Then there is Fatalis, normal Fatalis has only ever been in Castle Schrade, which is in the Old World, the natural enviroment he comes from is unknown (As stated on Fatalis Wiki) meaning, never been seen anywhere else, however, the energy Safi'jiiva left behind might be attracting these big boys/girls, so unless Capcom extends Fatalis lore, i doubt he will be there, Crimson is usually in extreme heat, we could use the Alatreon element theory for this but….again, a stretch, and white fatalis, usually resides either in Castle Schrade or The tower, Crimson and white both seem unlikely as Crimson needs access to the sky for meteors, and White for Lightning.


Diving deeper, Gore Magala, since Frostfang Barioth is coming as an event monster, it seems they might be adding lower monsters on the side, seperate from the continued DLC story, but if Gore is in the new world, Shagaru must be too, since they are one and the same, Shagaru would be around the level of big bads, maybe, however Shagaru has only ever been seen in Sanctuary and/or the Everwood.

Getting bigger, Dalamadur, well, i mean technically…it's in world, just very "Rotten", but a full fight with this thing….as much as i would have a fanboy nerdgasm seeing Dala in HD …my brain says no. Lao-shan…what's he going to do, swim with a doggy paddle to the new world? Cute but……ah now i wanna see it.

Getting smaller, we could assume Alatreon was the peak, and now with Safi and Alatreon out, we might assume other Elders might come say hello, while being one tier lower than "Black Dragons" they could still be tricky fights, so….Chameleos, guys open your eyes, every trailer, every video, it's been there hanging on the wall invisible just letting his tongue hang out waiting to steal your items, this is possible (it coming i mean) if they balance it correctly for the new gear to be worhty alongside Safi, Alatreon, R.Brachy and F.Rajang, but that would also mean Jet-boy Valstrax would be possible too (oh my heart,be still)

Basically because the power levels have risen so high, it would be silly to expect anything less than elder dragons or big bads (with the exception of Gore, as Shagura comes with it), and unless a new big bad area is introduced, a lot seem unlikley, but for the Fall 2020 returning monster, i will have to guess Chameleos, Valstrax, Akantor, Ukanlos or Normal Fatalis.

I will also assume we will get about 4-5 more monsters before the DLC ends and we wait for the next MH game which will be due soon but most likely on Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts?

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