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[Theory] Rajang is coming to MHW, alongside Oroshi Kirin

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Alright, titel may seem far fetched but hear me out before you judge.

Last November, so about 2 months before Monster Hunter World released, there was a leak, which, so far, turned out to be 100% accurate. I am talking about this monster list: <
If you think about it, why would they promote an Oroshi Kirin Figure when the last time it was part of a western MH game, was in MH4U which released more than three and a half years ago. Also as far as i am concerned, in the MH lore Kirin and Rajang are some sort of rivals and it is said that Kirin species are Rajang's prey. To conclude: IMHO it would make sense to introduce Rajang into MHW alongside another Kirin species, especially since Oroshi Kirin was a part of the leak which turned out to be true last year. In addition a turf war between the two would most likely be one of the most epic things i can imagine and on top of that Rajang is one of THE fan favorite monsters that isn't in MHW yet.


Anyways, tell me what you guys think about it but i would be suprised if there wasn't a major content update before the end of this year

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