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THEORY: What if Nerscylla was in MHW?

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hello everyone, i want to share with you guys my theory that i just came up with.

a bit long, so bear with me here

so my theory is…

What If Nerscylla was in MHW?

i'm sure most of you already know about this monster.

sorry for the low effort


  • anja vs nerscylla:

*roaring at each other*, nerscylla shoot her web making anja blinded by her web,

nerscylla jump on top of anja trying to anja,but anja fight back and blind bite and grab

nerscylla legs and just slam it on the ground.


  • odogaron vs crimson nersyclla:

*roaring at each other*,crimson nerscylla shoots her web 2 times,

miss because odogaron dodge that shits(like odogaron vs paolumu)

and just straight bite into her face damaging her,

but crimson nerscylla fight back using her paralysis ability,


*odogaron paralyze* nerscylla jump on odogaron back and bite him

using her retractable jaws damaging odogaron,

*paralyze stop*, odogaron shake her off.


  • crimson nerscylla vs radobaan:

probably like odogaron vs radobaan but with nerscylla

In conclusion, bring fu*king nerscylla back to MHW, Capcom

i think she will fits very well in New World and might even get a new subspecies.

it's a cool monster and gives cool armor and weapons as well

well there you go, my theory on nerscylla

what do you guys think?

should i make more of this?

what other monster that you think nerscylla would have turf war with?

anyway sorry for my bad english

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