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THEORY:What if Agnaktor was in MHW?

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Hello again everyone, another theory from me. okay, remember that this is just "theory" and "what if" post i'm not saying that the monster will/have to come to MHW. well let's get started then.

What if Agnaktor was in MHW?

again, some of you may already know the monster, but for those of you who didn't know the monster i'll explain it to you

like this

what about glacial agnaktor? no since he is an ice monster, they have to make a snow map.

Turf War

since there is no turf war between monsters in elder recess i'll make one for each of them and agnaktor is pretty aggresive monster too, so why not?

– azure rathalos vs agnaktor

Roars, azure flying, agnaktor trying to shoot his laser, but azure stop it by shooting fireballs at him, aganaktor fail to shoot laser and immediately dig underground confusing azure, agnaktor jump out of the ground catching azure and slam it to the ground. DRAW

– uragaan vs agnaktor

roars, uragaan do the move where he lift his chin slowly and smash it to the ground, miss because agnaktor already dig underground, uragaan confuse, agnaktor jump out from under uragaan chin and pierce his chin, breaking the chin (like how deviljho break diablos horn).


– dodogama vs agnaktor

agnaktor just shoot his laser


– lavasioth vs agnaktor


like how that brachydios vs agnaktor video but agnaktor win in this because lavasioth didn't have the same strength as brachydios making lavasioth just fall out of breath, maybe? idk.


– Armor

from armor perspective,not bad too

Initial Defense: 310

Final Defense: 390

Fire Res: +25

Water Res: -20

Thundr Res: +5

Ice Res: -10

Dragon Res: 0

Fire attack+1

razor sharp

flaming aura



normal/rapid bow boost


and weapons too,

blue sharpness and a little affinity and also..


in conclusion, he is essentially act like lavasioth so it's perfect in elder recess. of course the only problem is the skeleton that he use, he use leviathan skeleton making him impossible to appear in MHW. maybe in later game we can finally see agnaktor in HD glory.

anyway this theory is a bit short than nerscylla theory, and this is actually just a test to see if you can even see this post or not because apparently my nerscylla theory didn't show up for some user. i honestly don't know why this happen since i'm new to reddit.

anyway i hope you guys like it.

what do you guys think about agnaktor in MHW?

sorry for my bad english

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