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There aren’t Enough Blunt Weapons

MonsterHunterWorld10 - There aren't Enough Blunt Weapons

As the title says, there aren't enough blunt weapons in the game, so I came up with a weapon concept for a new one. I did use Xbox One buttons for describing the controls, so, for those that don't know the button conversion between consoles, (Y) = (Triangle), (B) = (Circle), (RT) = (R2)

Monster Hunter Rapier Concept:

The weapon and its moves are inspired by Spanish Bullfighting. It is a fast attacking, low damage rapier that deals blunt damage. You may think it's weird that a sword does blunt damage, but I chose to do this because it fits with the idea of gradual exhaustion from bullfighting. Many of the rapier’s moves have multiple hitboxes, dealing damage multiple times. The rapier’s playstyle revolves around keeping the monster at only a blade’s distance to build up the Tercio de Muerte gauge (100 point gauge) to perform special moves and activate Tercio de Muerte mode. Tercio de Muerte mode will provide various buffs.

Basic Moves:

The rapier’s basic moves consist of thrusting attacks and a blade slap. All thrust moves have 3 hitboxes, and the blade slap has only 1 hitbox. Each hitbox of thrust moves eats 1 sharpness, and the blade slap eats 3 sharpness.

  • Thrust Attacks – The hitbox at the end of the blade (tipper) does all of the raw damage, while the other hitboxes (mid, base) do 1 true damage, but all three hitboxes will still do exhaust/KO and elemental/status damage. All thrust tippers have an exhaust/KO value of 7 and fill the Tercio de Muerte gauge by 10 points, while mid and base hitboxes have an exhaust/KO value of 1 and deplete the Tercio de Muerte gauge by 2 points.

  • Draw Attack & Lunging Thrust – A lunging thrust with Motion Value similar to Spirit Blade 1 (without Spirit Gauge) of Long Sword. Performed by pressing (Y) with weapon sheathed or pressing (Y) while holding forward with weapon drawn.

  • Thrust 1 & Thrust 2 – Stationary lunges with Motion Value similar to Thrust of Long Sword. Performed by pressing (Y) while stationary with weapon drawn.

  • Blade Slap – This move smacks the monster with the length of the blade. It has inherent Mind’s Eye and Motion Value similar to Shield Bash of Sword and Shield. Blade Slap has an exhaust value of 15, a KO value of 10 and fills the Tercio de Muerte gauge by 5 points. Performed by pressing (B)

  • Comboing Moves – A hunter can open up a combo with either Dash Attack, Lunging Slash, or Thrust 1; all of these can lead directly into Thrust 2. Thrust 2 can not lead into Thrust 1 directly, but it can combo into Blade Slap or Lunging Slash, and Blade Slap and Lunging Slash can continue the combo by going into Thrust 1 and Thrust 2, respectively.

    • Bread & Butter Combo: Thrust 1 -> Thrust 2 -> Blade Slap -> Repeat
    • Advancing Combo: Draw Attack/Leaping Thrust -> Thrust 2 -> Repeat
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Special Moves:

These moves revolve around tiring the monster, reminiscent of Spanish Bullfighting.

  • Piercing Vara – The hunter thrusts the rapier at a slight downward angle from high, has Motion Value similar to Rising Slash, but the damage is evenly split between the 3 hitboxes of the blade; each of the hitboxes have an exhaust/KO value of 7. The move depletes the Tercio de Muerte gauge by 25 points, performed by pressing (Y)+(B). Can be used to finish a combo

  • Banderillas – The hunter stabs at the monster with a medium-length, decorated, wooden pole with a barbed end, this is the only rapier move that does cutting damage.

    • If the attack connects with the monster, the banderilla will attach to the monster while dealing 5 damage. The banderilla will stay attached for 15 seconds, doing 1 point of true damage and 2 points of exhaust damage every second but deals no elemental/status damage; the banderilla can be knocked/scraped off by certain moves performed by the monster. The move depletes the Tercio de Muerte gauge by 15 points, performed by pressing (RT)+(B). Can be used to finish a combo
  • Tercio de Muerte – This ability can only be activated once the Tercio de Muerte gauge is at 90 points or higher, activated by pressing (RT)+(Y). When activated the hunter flourishes their cape and holds the rapier at the ready. This will terrify all small monsters, forcing them to disengage, and force all large monsters to become enraged and to target the hunter.

    • The ability increases the hunter’s movement speed, gives mid and base hitboxes half the damage of tipper hitboxes and an exhaust value of 4, increases the exhaust/KO value of Blade Slap by 5, and gives Piercing Vara and Banderilla a very brief guard point.
    • The terrifying and targeting effects last for 15 seconds; the enraging effect only forces the monster to be enraged, therefore the monster follows normal enraged behaviour. -The movement and attack buffs last until the Tercio de Muerte gauge reaches 0.
    • During Tercio de Muerte, the Tercio de Muerte point values of basic moves are inverted, i.e. Blade Slap depletes the bar by 5, instead of filling it by 5, but special moves (Vara and Banderilla) will still use up points.

Playstyle Overview

The rapier is a "in-your-face" weapon, quite literally. It relies on landing tippers and Blade slaps to charge up the Tercio de Muerte gauge; this puts the rapier in a very dangerous position, because it doesn't have any special dodging moves or basic guards, so you will want to keep the Tercio de Muerte mode active as often as possible to allow yourself to have brief guard points to make your constant pressure safer. The rapier's raw damage won't be anything to necessarily write home about, but you'll be able to apply status and elemental damage fairly quickly with the multi-hit thrust moves. You'll also be able to decide for yourself whether you want to build up Tercio de Muerte as quickly as possible by landing only tippers and Blade Slaps, or you'll be able to charge up Tercio de Muerte more slowly and focus on landing every hitbox of your thrusts to build up status/elemental damage.

Thanks for Reading

I hope you like my concept weapon, or at least find it to be an interesting concept. I'm very open to suggestion to my idea (even though it's not like making changes will ever get it in the game, lol) to make it more balanced, unique, or fun.

For example, I was thinking of having the , Banderillas do elemental/status damage every 2 seconds, on top of the exhaust values, while Tercio de Muerte mode is activated but only like half the normal damage per hit, so it isn't too over powered.

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