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There’s no right way to play Monster Hunter…

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Something I see people say fairly often, especially when coaching newbies or answering questions about the meta, is that "There's no right way to play MH, just do what you want, so long as it's fun."

While I agree that this is true. Something I don't see very often is people telling newbies about the wrong ways to play MH. Because, while there might not be a right way to play, there are certainly many wrong ways to play. For example:

  1. Using Charge Blade and not charging your shield.

  2. Using Hunting Horn as a "support weapon". In other words, attacking a couple times, then running away to apply buffs. I.E. Corner Horners.

  3. Using Long Sword on the monster's head while hunting with a Hammer or Hunting Horn user. You are just going to trip people.

  4. In MHGenU and older games, not charging your shots when using the Bow/spamming level 1 shots.

  5. Turtling with your Lance or Gunlance. While your shield is there for a purpose, that purpose is not hiding from the monster at the other end of the map or poking weakly from behind your door-sized blocking device.

  6. Not using armor skills, outside of specific fashion hunting. Before making something that looks cool, learn to use armor skills. If you don't use fashion sets, you should be using armor skills. I see lots of newbs and randumbs, especially in the older games, wearing something random that they threw together with no armor skills. That's either lazy or ignorant. Either way, do something about it.

The game has specific mechanics in place that make it work. If you are not using the weapons moveset and just mashing the attack button, you are not playing the game. If you are wearing something crappy that you built since you have no idea how armor skills work, (or worse, you do know and are too lazy to use them) you are not playing the game. Play the game and pay attention to the important mechanics and ettiquette, then have fun. Knowing how to use your weapon effectively does not mean you are just "following the meta". It means you are not wasting other people's time.

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