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Things from World/Iceborne I hope to see in Rise.

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Things from World/Iceborne I hope to see in Rise.

I'm going to focus mainly on new additions made to World/Icebore that are more objectively good additions, larger gameplay loops, rather than small mechanics like "World deco system" as that's a very subjective and already widely debated mechanic change/addition.


  • Observer style-side quests.

I feel these quests added much more gameplay value. They are very enjoyable and I loved being able to really learn about the endemic life and the maps at the same time. And having a structured system with a scoring system and photo gallery to look back on was really enjoyable.

  • Tools to unlock.

I know some people, myself included, don't like mantles and some do. However I find the additional quests and motivation it gives you very enjoyable and would love to see some kind of tool system return, but more optional and less like mantles.

  • Bounties.

Another additional motivator. Allows you to gain unique items, foods and even just cosmetics through a gameplay based system, rather than microtransactions. It added much more gameplay value outside of purely rank and equipment progression.

  • Investigations.

This was one I really am on the fence about. I love the idea, I just don't always like the implementation of investigations, it sucks when you have no investigations for a certain monster, or only having bad reward investigations. However I enjoy the separate way you can engage with hunting outside of repeating the same few quests over and over, especially by varying the faint and time limits. Plus it does feel good to have a really good gold square investigation for a monster you need to farm.

  • Hunters Notes.

Having a much more expansive hunters notes system is something I have been dreaming of since I knew about hunters notes years ago. Being able to view monster information as well as upgrade and unlock new information by tracking the monster was very enjoyable, though I'd like to see a better implementation, as I feel like constantly grabbing footprints every 3 seconds can get very stale.

Overall I feel like these additions while not always perfect were ways of adding more varied gameplay. You don't necessarily have to do all these things but you can if you want.


Bonus: Past Systems I'd like to see Return.

I'd love to see a old style farm system to come back (alongside the current fast system) so that people like me who want to slow the pace of the game and enjoy farming the slow way can and so we can see visual progress of upgrading a farm, it was very satisfying. Plus the farm music was always amazing.

As well as that, I'd welcome back a palico system, somewhat like GU, with a Meownster Hunter minigame returning and assigning palicoes to farm/cook.

Oh, one last thing, can we please have the Wyporium equipment system back, so that we can still get armor and weapons of monsters who are not actually in the game. That was brilliant.

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