Monster Hunter World

Things I’ve learned so far (PC)

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Things I've learned so far (PC)


This is my first MH game, and I love it. After 380 hours, and HR200+ though, I wanted to share some things I have learned during that time that may help some people out.

  • Stop playing meme builds, you're not that good (myself included). I like to SOS, I'm a social person, 1 fainter, two gem, 5 gem.. don't matter, I like to play with people. But if you are joining someones game, have the courtesy not to be the one that causes it to go south.

  • The time limits are very generous, and tying into the point above, if it takes 5 extra minutes, no ones gunna be mad at you if the hunt goes well.

  • If you see someone dazed, hit them asap, it saves lives, and hunts.

  • If you respond to someone's SOS for a multi-monster, and you see they started the fight against one, DO NOT run and try and solo something different (for some reason mostly see this with tempered hunts, LR never saw this behavior). Go the the quest leader and assist in their fight.

  • If you see a monster spinning around a lot, changing agro, try to get in a safe close proximity of your teammates, be aware of your positioning. Some of these guys got hu-mungo hitboxes and monsters doing 360's like they were trying out for the next Tony Hawk game don't help anyone.

  • Take the time to set up your Radial Menu (KB Hotkeys)

  • Use saved loadouts, love them, make one called STANDARD and base the others off them. Example: Things I take EVERY hunt: Potion, Mega Potion, Max Potion, Ancient Potion, Herb Powder, Life Powder, Flash Pods, Dung Pods, Demon Drug (mega), Armor Drug (mega), and the 4 charms. Sure I am missing something in there.

If you find me in game, always willing to help out! I pretty much have everything I want made, and a few things that are just meh.. but if you need a hand, hit me up!

Did I forget anything?

Have a good night!


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